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Vancouver, British Columbia-based Klean Industries was established in 2005 with the intent to be a vertically integrated, sustainable producer of oil products, energy, and commodities from hydrocarbon-based waste. The company says its mission is to close the loop on consumption, waste, and industry by recovering sustainable commodities that can re-enter the supply chain.

Since its founding, Klean has worked to discount myths about waste to energy and to promote sustainability. The company says it strives to build and support new, clean and renewable sources of energy that reduce pollution and climate change while creating sustainable economies for future generations.

Q: What new projects or systems have you been focusing on?

A: The Vancouver waste-to-energy project, which will process approximately 1,500 tons per day of municipal solid waste and convert it to electrical energy; a plastics recycling project with Dow Chemical to produce high-grade liquid fuel from plastics; and numerous tire recycling projects in North America and Europe using both pyrolysis and gasification to convert tires into a combination of electrical energy and liquid fuels.

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: Unlike many of Klean’s competitors, all of Klean’s technologies have been through the commercialization phase and are being used in large-scale recycling/energy-recovery applications. Klean has cultivated very strong relationships with a network for downstream end product users (groups that need energy and groups that need recovered commodities from recycling.)

Q: Where do you see your company five years from now?

A: Klean’s vision includes building as many plants, in as many countries, as capital and feedstock allow. Putting an end to waste altogether is the ultimate goal. Klean believes very strongly in extended producer responsibility, an environmental policy approach in which a producer’s responsibility for a product is extended to the post-consumer stage. When products reach the end of commercial existence, they are disassembled (mechanically or chemically) and are reintegrated into industry—eliminating waste and negating energy usage.


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