The Klean Team Board of Directors is steering the company into a bright future. Our member-elected Board of Directors works hard to represent the best interests of our shareholders. Our board of directors believes that it is important to have regular and constructive engagement directly with shareholders to allow and encourage shareholders to express their views on governance and other matters directly to the board outside of the annual meeting. The board also encourages shareholders to participate at our annual meetings and to contact our independent directors through the office of the Chairman.

The Board has extensive experience in both building and running companies of all shapes and sizes. Klean Industries currently has a five-member Board of Directors that sets high standards for the company's employees, officers, and directors.

Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance and responsibility. It is the duty of the Board to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of the company's business. 



  • James Klinkhamer Chairman & Chief Logistics Officer
    James Klinkhamer

    Mr. James Klinkhamer is a Director and is the Chief Logistics Officer in charge of sustainable logistics for Klean. Jim has over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry. Jim manages logistics, customer quotations, contractual agreements from receipt of inquiry through to order acquisition until receipt of the customer's payment. 

    Prior to joining Klean, Jim was a senior executive at Westrim Express Lines an international transportation company that was bought out by Can-Am in 2008. In this role, he was responsible for sales, company logistics, contractual agreements, and supply chain economics. Jim has handled a number of specialized shipments working directly with prime contractors from the oil fields to entertainment parks. 

    Jim understands that now more than ever it is important to focus on excellence in the management of the supply chain. Companies can make excellent products, they can run brilliant marketing campaigns, but the performance of the supply chain can make the difference between delighting and disappointing the customer. Companies all around the world are struggling with falling demand for their products, and tightening of the financial markets, so the pressure to cut costs is intense. In such an environment, the spotlight is firmly on supply chain professionals to deliver improved performance and, at the same time, do it more cost-effectively with a small environmental footprint and this is where Jim excels. 

    Jim entered the logistics industry in 1974 and has served several different operational roles. Jim graduated from the Business Management Certificate Program. Jim is also the father of Jesse the company's CEO.

  • Jesse Klinkhamer Chief Executive Officer & Founder
    Jesse Klinkhamer

    Mr. Jesse Klinkhamer is one of the original founders of Klean Industries and has over 25 years of business development experience and over 10 years of experience in the resources and energy industry and 15 years in the solid waste management sector. As a consultant and project advisor, he has managed more than a thousand assignments worldwide on all aspects of energy production, resources, and solid waste management ranging from feasibility and financial assessment to bid evaluation and contract negotiation. Jesse is now a recognized authority on energy, resource recovery, and environmental technologies, including their applications and product sales markets. 

    Prior to Klean Industries, Jesse was the founder of Solid State Investments, a private investment firm assisting junior resource mining and technology start-up companies. Additionally, he also provided sales and marketing services to resource companies involved in hydrocarbon exploration and refining in North America. Over a decade ago Jesse realized the potential of the low carbon economy and facilitated the change of SSI's focus to become a financial service provider for niche cleantech companies. After years of research and development, Jesse sought out the best and most commercially proven technologies available in the market, which led to the creation of Klean Industries and the ownership of several of the world's leading gasification and pyrolysis technologies. Jesse has extensive experience in the development of resource recovery, and energy from waste projects from the initial feasibility to commercial operation and ongoing project monitoring. 

    Jesse has a real depth of knowledge in the advanced thermal conversion technology space and has directed engineers' feasibility reports for a wide variety of energy-related projects totaling more than $20 billion in project capital costs. He has interacted with bond rating agencies, financial advisors, insurance underwriters, and investment bankers involved in these financings. His efforts have included the development of detailed spreadsheet rate models establishing the financial feasibility of each project, long-term economic forecasts, and projected rate impact upon project users and customers alike. 

    Jesse's expertise and knowledge within the industry have led to many awards and nominations, most notably being made Environmental Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme. He is frequently requested to speak at clean technology and environmental conferences worldwide. Jesse is a long-standing member of ASTM International ("ASTM") and is an active voting member of the technical committees ASTM D24 for Carbon Black and ASTM D36 for Recovered Carbon Black which are key technical committees setting the international standards for Carbon Black, Recovered Carbon Black ("rCB"), Recycled Rubber, and Tire Manufacturing. Jesse is a passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast.

  • Joachim Stehnkuhl Director of Capital Markets & Development
    Joachim Stehnkuhl

    Mr. Joachim Stehnkuhl is one of the founders of Carbon Resources Recovery GmbH (“CRR”) and became Director of Development after the acquisition of CRR by Klean Industries. Joachim has been active in private equity and as a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. He has invested in more than 150 companies and accompanied them to successful growth and exits with in-depth experience in the finance, construction, real estate, and telecommunications industries.

    Under his leadership, Europe’s first, full commercial scale and functioning 24/7 tire pyrolysis plant was planned, designed, engineered, and constructed using CRR's exclusive technology.

    Prior to developing CRR, in 1988 Joachim started as owner, shareholder, managing director, and/or supervisory board member in many companies involved in different industries such as fashion, distribution, sales of computer hardware and copying machines, cable & telecom, security technology, engineering companies, operation of nursing homes, film and television studios, plastic manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies which eventually led him into the private equity sector.

    Joachim was also a partner in a large American hedge fund called Lonestar for several years. He was in charge of its German operations doing $15B in transactions annually. During his time at Lonestar acquired thousands of apartments, several packages of NPL as well as 2 German banks. He also co-founded and still owns a significant part of one of German’s first and largest private equity banks called RWB, which is focused on fund to fund transactions. Joachim's strengths are his experience in various industries, the development of large companies, a worldwide network, and deep knowledge in corporate finance.

    He holds a degree in law and business administration from Ludwig-Maximilian-University (“LMU”) in Munich. With Mr. Stehnkuhl’s honed business acumen, and entrepreneurial drive he has had a long and successful career in a number of diverse industries. Mr. Stehnkuhl is in charge of structuring project equity and debt for the company’s projects globally.

  • Marc Schwarzlose Director of Project Development
    Marc Schwarzlose

    Marc Schwarzlose has over 20 years of experience in the aviation and energy sector. He holds a Master´s degree in business administration as well as an Airline Transport Pilot license. Having worked as a Managing director for companies in the energy sector he was instrumental in setting up a project for the construction of a CIGS solar module manufacturing plant in Germany.

    In 2011 Mr. Schwarzlose became the Co-founder and COO of CRR Carbon Resources Recovery and managed the construction of CRR´s continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

  • Judi Morris Director of Administration
    Judi Morris

    Ms. Judi Morris joined Klean Industries at the start of 2018 handling administration duty and as Sales Representative. She has skillfully guided new customers and project developers through Klean’s Customer Management Process, preparing Detailed Equipment Quotation services, and following up with all incoming sales both new and old.

    Prior to joining the Klean Team, she worked at the Judicial Justice Centre for 14 years where she attained her Justice of the Peace commission in 2008. She was an integral part of the staff and deemed the go-to person for her vast experience and knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, her leadership skills, and mentoring of new staff.

    She began her career as a civil servant in 1996 for the Provincial Court of British Columbia by starting at the Port Coquitlam Courthouse and also worked at the Maple Ridge Courthouse, operating across multiple disciplines and being respectful of the diverse audiences she engaged with during that time.

    She also gained knowledge in accounts receivables and receptionist duties working as an after-school worker which transitioned full-time for a law office in Burnaby, BC beginning in 1989.