One of the most difficult things for businesses to overcome when attempting to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) credentials is attaining the complete ‘buy-in’ of senior management and the workforce. From an operational point of view, it also makes the job of a company such as Klean harder as communicating information quickly and effectively becomes difficult.

To counter this the Klean delivers a host of internal and external marketing and education solutions ranging from briefing notes to systems processes, websites, and eco-parks. The end result of these processes is an efficient implementation of all new environmental measures and maximum exposure to stakeholders for the achievements in reaching targets.

Official Qualifications

Many companies, in their training budgets, are now allocating money for sustainability to help their workforce gain skills and experience in sustainability whether as a dedicated function or as an extension to their existing roles. Through this unique partnership, Klean can offer courses in areas such as Executive Briefings, Environmental Auditing, Introduction to Environmental Management, and Basics of Environmental Awareness.

Certifications - ISO14000

ISO 14000 is a series of international standards on environmental management. It provides a framework for the development of an environmental management system and the supporting audit program. It specifies a framework of control for an Environmental Management System against which an organization can be certified by a third party.

Design & Marketing Services

Because Klean has done this so many times over the years in various projects and countries, Klean has an in-house digital design team capable of generating everything from posters to websites and promotional events. Depending upon the area of environmental improvements the key area for acceptance and compliance is in achieving the buy-in and cooperation of the workforce. Klean will work works with its customers’ marketing departments or in isolation to develop marketing and communication campaigns that are both internal and external. After all, there is little point in becoming a business with world-class environmental credentials if you aren’t going to tell anyone about it?

Packaged Solutions: Standard Organizational Goals:
  • An ISO 14001 based EMS Policy Manual
  • A set of ISO 14001 Procedures
  • A detailed Implementation Guide (with task lists)
  • A collection of forms & templates to help manage the compliance process
  • A comprehensive audit plan/checklist
  • A comprehensive ISO 14000 training & awareness presentation
  • Implement, maintain & improve an environmental management system
  • Assure itself of its conformance with its own stated environmental policy (those policy commitments of course must be made)
  • Demonstrate conformance
  • Ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Seek certification of its environmental management system by an external third party organization
  • Make a self-determination of conformance