At Klean Industries, we don’t just take equipment and plant orders. Our highly experienced team of executives and engineering professionals works proactively with you to design the best solutions and deliver the best value proposition for your application.

To ensure that we meet your individual needs, we offer a full range of products and project development, implementation, and after-sales services. We begin with a thorough assessment of your requirements and fuel supply. This is followed by the preparation of system design concepts and a business-case analysis to provide you with all the data required to submit the project for capital approval. Once the project starts, we can minimize your project risks by managing all aspects of engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, start-up, and training.

We achieve this with a highly experienced team of professionals who have a proven track record in developing and managing projects. This includes in-house expertise in pyrolysis and gasification, structural, chemical and combustion engineering, fuel handling and storage equipment, project management and applications engineering.

Klean can also assist in finding markets for your final products prior to undertaking the construction of the plant and will assist your marketing staff to identify and study the best local and international markets for the end products you will manufacture. Our objective is to make the process as simple and effective as possible, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Klean Industries is uniquely positioned to offer you services you cannot get from any other integrated solutions provider. Klean will introduce you to a totally new experience of converting waste into new value-added resources while at the same time helping you achieve a practical equilibrium between your mission statement or balance sheet and the balance of nature.

Become Klean’s Partner

Klean’s main asset is its group of talented and highly motivated people, who focus on the continuous improvement of its technical applications and its technical solutions. Klean is the ideal technological partner for large concerns who want to be active in the environmental market as an investor, operator, or general contractor, but who lack the necessary in-house skills or technologies. Klean has a long tradition of working through partnerships with well-established local companies. Under such partnerships, both parties join forces for the purpose of developing, constructing, selling, and/or operating environmental projects.

Depending on the country and application, different types of partnership can be envisaged such as:

  • Project-based Technical Collaboration Agreement
  • Technical Licensing Agreement
  • Agency or Distributor Agreement

For more information on solutions, consulting, partnerships, sales, licensing, and technology applications, contact us » GO.