The Klean Industries management team encourages professional and industry certification efforts by our associates and customers alike. It is through these vital associations and organizations that companies can achieve and maintain higher performance and quality standards from company team members. We are strongly committed to supporting these important industry safety and performance certifications.

National, Provincial, Federal and State certifications provide our customers a complete project approach by keeping all of our engineering "in-house" and guaranteeing our customers the expertise needed for today's multifaceted engineering projects.

Klean Industries uses only licensed Professional Engineers. Our contractors and engineers currently hold Certificates of Authorization for the ASME "S" and "PP" stamps and the National Board "R" stamp. These stamps enable us to perform all types of boiler assembly, modifications, repairs, and balance-of-plant piping. Klean Industries goes beyond ensuring that all of its products meet the required specifications for the jurisdictions where they will be deployed.

Independent Certifications & Verified Proven Results

All end-products and chemical compounds (specifically chars, oils, and syn-gases) produced by Klean's technologies have been extensively tested, certified, and proven by the world's leading independent laboratories, rubber/chemical product manufacturers, and polymer institutes. Below are some of these well-respected organizations that have carried out both laboratory and commercial production tests and have proven Klean's end-product to be a commercially viable substitute for many high-grade fuels, compounds, and polymer-based products. Some of these organizations are also suggested partners for Klean and its customers with respect to certain applications, desired end-products, and certifications.  

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