Klean Industries helps businesses become more profitable, sustainable, and environmentally responsible by providing integrated clean-energy retrofits for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. By using new energy-efficient systems within our built environment we replace old and inefficient energy systems. In today’s environment energy retrofitting is one of the most effective ways businesses can reduce their impact on the environment. A multitude of business owners and operators have engaged Klean to reduce their carbon footprint, limiting their organization’s impact on the environment and reducing their overall business costs in the process. For every dollar invested in clean energy retrofits, the end-user can see on average a $6 dollars savings - do your retrofits now!

Our Team has performed hundreds of lighting audits and retrofits with outstanding, real, and measurable results. Some of our lighting retrofit projects are saving customers an average of 40% to 50% on their lighting-related energy bills. This translates to over $728,000 every year; $60,000 every month; and $2,000 each and every business day in some cases.

Our Energy Retrofit Business Models

Klean’s unique retrofit process begins with a detailed energy audit and an assessment of a company’s energy issues and infrastructure. Once the analysis is complete we proceed to project design and seek to capitalize on government incentives and grants for the improvements. Through a detailed project management system, we efficiently handle contracting, installation, and monitoring. The entire energy retrofit program utilizes proven and existing technologies, methods, and techniques that have already been implemented throughout the retrofitting industry.

1. Performance Contracting:

  • Performance contracting, also known as ‘third party financing’ or ‘contract energy management’, can be used to pay for measures to reduce energy and waste-disposal costs, or to recover materials.
  • A third-party contractor designs, installs, finances, and, if required, operates the cost-saving technology. The contractor is then paid according to the savings achieved - i.e. the performance.

2. Energy Financing Districts (EFDs):

  • This mechanism enables local governments to raise money through the issuance of bonds to fund such energy projects.
  • The financing is repaid over a set number of years through a special tax or assessment on the property tax bill of only those property owners who choose to participate in the program.
  • Examples include Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), Sustainable Energy Financing, and Special Tax Districts.

3. Client/Consumer Financed

  • The total cost of the retrofit is financed by the customer.
  • The customer estimates that the upfront cost of the retrofit will be more than offset by future energy savings.

Klean can help finance the entire energy retrofit project in return for a portion of the future savings in energy costs. The result is a triple-win situation: the client wins through immediate reductions in energy costs, the planet wins through a corresponding reduction in environmental impact, and Klean wins through its participation in establishing the energy savings program. Klean continues to be a cleantech innovator committed to providing the most comprehensive energy-efficient solutions available on the market today. If you think your business could benefit from our energy retrofitting services, we would be more than pleased to hear from you. Helping you and your company become more environmentally empowered and sustainable is what we do at Klean Industries.