Klean Industries is committed to developing and expanding its product line to ensure that the technologies it represents and can offer to its customers are among the best and most technologically advanced in the world. We are constantly striving to improve our technology portfolio, in all areas, to ensure our customers are receiving and have access to the best technology and systems available. The more complex a technical product is, the more intensive maintenance and servicing must be.

At Klean, service for customers begins long before an expendable part fails. With expert advice and sensible planning together with the company's own customer services. In addition to its network of carefully selected high-quality partners and representatives, Klean has a unique team of its own environmental engineering specialists. These are all high level engineers located throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. These well-trained and flexible engineers have only one mission - supporting the customer with any technical issue.

This is just one way in which Klean constantly strives to be a long-term partner for its customers. Only in this way can we ensure that customers receive rapid and professional support.

  • A comprehensive stock of replacement parts ensures that your plant is always functional
  • The most important replacement parts are carried in every service call

When everything is in perfect working order, the strengths of the company's own customer service are clear. Thanks to its high level of specialist competence and the fact that the appropriate tool and the right replacement part are to hand, faults can be traced more quickly and eliminated reliably and on a permanent basis.

This means lower costs and greater peace of mind for you.

The fact that a fault has been eliminated often does not mean that the problem is solved. It is not always sufficient to eliminate a fault which has occurred. A fault may very well be the first sign of subsequent problems and that's why we check everything and deliver the best service time and time again. Klean Industries is also committed to maintaining one of the industry's most advanced and cutting-edge technology infrastructures. In order to achieve this goal, Klean is committed to researching and utilizing the latest software and hardware development technology. Klean Industries' corporate commitment to providing customers with the best solution has led us to incorporate technologies from some of the world's leading companies: