Klean Industries evaluates dozens of projects and potential projects each month, which keeps us current with environmental regulations, permitting requirements, and perhaps most importantly, equipment costs, both designed and installed. With this level of expertise, Klean can creatively look at your situation and offer the best possible solution at the best price.

As a part of an integrated solution with existing infrastructure in order to conduct preliminary engineering and design services that enable tighter final cost estimations, we will require either a retainer fee or a design service contract so that we can accurately size the right equipment solution (based on a mutually agreed-upon scope of work). Such work is often invaluable to project developers as it helps them gain insight into the specific unit operations required for their project as well as preliminary mass and energy balances and individual stream flows.

Klean offers several technology packages for the delivery of critical components with process guarantees.

Examples of technology packages are:
  • Biomass dryers
  • Combustion grate units
  • Pyrolysis & gasification systems
  • Gas power plant units
  • Carbonization plants
  • Carbon burnout systems
  • Carbon black processing plants
  • Carbon black upgrading systems
  • Water treatment systems (WWTP)
  • Material handling equipment
  • Package boiler systems & complete plants
  • Compact gasification units
  • Instrumentation & controls
  • Flue gas cleaning components
  • Complete steam & power generating systems
  • Telemetry management & software configurations
  • Packaged fuel cells & turbine power plants
  • Thermal treatment systems for multiple feedstocks