A massive untapped marketplace exists worldwide for Klean Industries' environmental technologies and solutions that recover green commodities and clean energy. Every single industrialized country is trying to sustainably deal with their wastes without resorting to landfills or mass-burn incineration. As waste increasingly becomes a resource that can potentially produce fuels, minerals, and commodities, Klean Industries is the poster child ready and ideally suited to offer the technologies and solutions that can meet these needs. The KleanTeam has identified a number of industries that can benefit from the advanced technologies such as: 

  • Industrial/commercial consumers of scrap tires and waste plastics as fuel
  • Large commercial users of fossil fuels seeking to offset costs using alternative energies and green commodities
  • Industrial commodity end-users and commercial producers looking for more cost-effective feedstocks that have better environmental profiles and lower emission footprints

The market for clean, alternative energy and green fuels will continue to expand exponentially as society and industries attempt to rapidly de-carbonize. In addition to the drive for cleaner energy, there will be a shift away from resources and commodities that have a high environmental impact and carbon footprint to new alternatives that include recycled, and sustainable materials that can be used as a drop-in replacement for virgin materials in the existing supply chains. Globally there are increasing legislative, environmental, and social drivers relating to the recycling of different wastes that are often backed with financial incentives (and/or penalties) to manage these wastes.

North & South America, Europe, and parts of Asia all provide excellent opportunities for Klean Industries, the technologies they offer, and the recovered commodities that can be produced. Klean will initially focus on North America and Europe for the first phase of the Company's roll-out. These facilities will process scrap tires and besides the energy or fuels, Klean Industries will be producing a high-quality, general-purpose carbon black, for which the Company has identified four quite different end markets:

  • Industrial rubber product manufacturers looking for cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional feedstock suppliers.
  • Plastic manufacturers also looking for cost-effective green alternatives to conventional feedstocks.
  • Toner and printing ink manufacturers in need of enhanced formulations and broader flexibility in production materials.
  • Coatings suppliers in search of products flexibly in fillers for better pigmentation, conductivity, and UV protection for a wide variety of applications in automotive (primer basecoats and clear coats), marine, aerospace, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings.

Klean Industries will build, own and operate these facilities or, in certain territories, will look at joint ventures with established industrial companies who have some or all of the components necessary for a successful recycling or recovery operation. This can allow for a swift rollout of multiple Klean facilities, for which demand is expected to grow year on year. 

If you have a project in mind, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from >> GO.