Recovering Clean Energy & Resources from Waste

Klean Industries provides unique technologies and solutions for resource recovery, waste recycling, and the production of clean energy from waste. We are a leading supplier of commercial-grade solutions for institutional and industrial customers. With customers, representatives, and affiliates all over the world, Klean Industries always puts the needs and interests of its customers first. Through a combination of traditionally successful business practices and the use of a technology-independent approach, Klean is able to offer its customers the best solutions on the market today. Our flexibility, combined with years of experience, makes Klean one of the most technologically innovative companies in the cleantech sector.

Depending on which technology we apply and which waste streams, also known as feedstocks we process, the commodities produced include pipeline syn-gases, diesel fuel, various oils, methanol, ethanol, carbon blacks, advanced nano-materials, steel, fiber, animal feed, fertilizers, composts, dried organics, water, thermal energy, electricity, greenhouse gas offsets, and renewable energy credits.

The Klean systems are designed to handle almost any commonly generated waste stream, whether liquid, solid, mixed, or unmixed (including whole tires, all types of plastics, e-waste, shredder residues, sewage sludge, animal wastes, biomass, ligneous materials, and infectious biohazard medical waste). Klean's solutions represent an environmentally friendly and commercially viable alternative to traditional methods of processing waste.

Changing the Supply Chain of Domestic Energy & Resource Production 

With the experience gained in solving difficult waste challenges, we have become a holistic supply chain specialist as a by-product of managing all kinds of waste around the globe. We now this knowledge and our efficiency concepts to municipalities, public utilities, and industry alike. Our scope is global and we have consistently been first movers and proud leaders in developing new policies and solutions on energy-commodity production, waste management, and climate change. We often act as regulatory consultants on new standards and guidelines being adopted throughout the world and have an extensive track record working with and advising governments, Fortune 1000 companies, investors, and public institutions on how best to leverage the potential for profitable growth in the alternative energy and resource industry.

Unique & Specialized Skillsets

So why Klean Industries? It's a pretty simple answer, people with very unique skillsets and experience crafted and cultivated over decades. Our key strengths and assets are our highly trained personnel who specialize in environmental and energy-related solutions and who work with you, on-site, to optimize your operations. We will bring you new ways to increase your company's performance and profitability. Klean operates in accordance with the highest standards in all its relationships with customers, suppliers, the communities in which it operates, and their environment. Moreover, the Company fosters a climate that encourages innovation, honest business practices, and a commitment to excellence.