Technical due diligence focuses on an independent assessment of the plant and equipment to be used in the project. Klean consultants assess the risks associated with the power plant’s adopted operational plan and review the engineering, procurement, and construction contracts.

The Klean Team has been engaged for independent risk assessment in a wide variety of renewable energy projects. Our technical coverage is focused on the renewable energy technologies shown below.

  • Scrap Tire & Rubber Pyrolysis Plants
  • Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Plants
  • Municipal Solid Waste Gasification Plants
  • Landfill Gas and Biogas Utilisation
  • Dedicated Combustion of Biomass for Heat and Power
  • Co-Combustion of Biomass and Fossil Fuels
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Conventional Energy-From-Waste
  • Advanced Thermal Processes including specialized gasification / pyrolysis system

Environmental & Social Risk Identification

Klean capabilities in Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) include describing the total impact on the environment associated with the construction and operation of the plant. It also involves the identification of safety hazards associated with the plant operations and project commissioning, together with checks on conformance with local and national environmental standards review of the local community impacts and social implications of the project that can go beyond regulatory requirements.

Our staff are the leading experts in the environmental sector and our work has included site assessments and strategic work for a range of private sector customers. Klean consultants are actively involved in environmental due diligence on cross-border lease financing of power plants and distribution networks.

Commercial Capabilities: Deep Transaction Experience

Commercial Due Diligence activities focus on the market environment of the project. The Klean Team has proven capabilities in understanding all the elements of the regulatory regime, renewable energy support mechanisms, and the underlying structure of national energy markets. The commercial due diligence process may also include a review of fuel supply markets, fuel supply contracts, and issues related to the power purchase agreement (PPA).

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