Klean Industries is specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced thermal treatment facilities using carbonization, liquefaction, pyrolysis, and gasification technologies to produce clean energy products. Our primary applications convert municipal solid wastes into clean electrical energy and transform petroleum-based waste streams (such as plastics and tires) into valuable carbon and oil commodities for reuse - reinventing oil with conservation and energy efficiency.

A Long History of Commercial Success in Technology Development & Implementation

Klean Industries utilizes the combined technologies and expertise of several different and unique German & Japanese engineering companies which previously specialized in quite different market sectors - namely thermal structural engineering, waste management, and oil refining. This combined, multi-industry background has allowed Klean Industries to develop a technologically unique range of waste to energy and resource recovery.

A key attribute to some of the Klean innovations has come from the Japanese marketplace. Japan has a very large population (over 125 million) but very limited space, Japanese industry was forced to confront the problem of too much waste many years ago and as a result, many of the leading waste management technologies have emerged from Japan. It soon became clear that waste materials should no longer be considered worthless and sent to landfill sites, but should be viewed and treated as a valuable resource.

Vital to the development of the technologies was a thorough understanding and knowledge of waste materials, their composition, treatment, and disposal as well as the problems facing the waste management industry. It was from this perspective that our team, partners, and technology developers were able to maximize the strengths of their various designs and processes, leading to the unique range of non-combustion recycling and recovery systems offered by Klean Industries. The initial technologies were deployed commercially in 1965 and are still in operation today. Since then more than 45 years of continuous research and development combined with hundreds of commercial operations have produced a series of processing systems that outperform any other technologies currently available.

Klean’s Unique Selling Proposition 

Klean’s systems are an environmentally friendly and commercially viable alternative to traditional methods of processing waste. The most obvious of our advantages are:

  • Most of our systems do not require any pre-processing of feedstock;
  • Produce high-quality carbon and oil products at a lower cost than any other recovery/recycling systems;
  • Plants and systems are designed to be virtually energy self-sufficient (create their own process fuel);
  • Many of the systems are modular and capable of being truck-mounted and transported directly to the waste resources;
  • Many of the systems can be delivered and installed within six to twelves months;
  • Designed to handle almost any commonly generated waste stream, whether liquid, solid, mixed, or unmixed (including whole tires, all types of plastics, e-waste, shredder residues, sewage sludge, animal wastes, biomass, ligneous, and infectious biohazard medical waste).