Klean's world-class technological innovations and proven solutions combined with its relationships and its partners provide a strong basis for strategic investments and alliances. Klean's plants are constructed, installed, and commissioned by the Klean Team, our partners, and world-leading EPCM firms. Our EPC partners are multi-billion dollar companies that are well established in engineering and construction, more specifically they specialize in construction, waste processing, and petrochemical processing systems.

Klean's business model is designed to generate revenues in two principal ways, build, own and operate the "BOO" model and build, operate and transfer the "BOT" licensing model. Although we do consider different structures depending on the customer and the project.

Build, Own & Operate "BOO"

Klean prefers to build, own and operate "BOO" integrated thermal process plants that feature pyrolysis and gasification systems at your site on a turn-key basis. Klean assumes all risks of construction, financing, and permitting. No customer investment is required! Other business options are available. They include:

Build, Operate & Transfer "BOT"

For those who want to own and operate their own facility, Klean will consider building and transferring the system on a license/royalty basis. All that is required of the customer is a site that will be leased for a nominal rent for the duration of the contract. Contracts will typically be for 15 - 25 years. Klean will be paid a disposal fee per ton of waste processed and a royalty fee for the renewable energy delivered.

Licensing sales will require the purchase of a technology license and also provide ongoing royalties based upon the quantity of output product produced by each plant. Klean will license its technology in two ways, namely, "strategic" and "direct".

  • Strategic: Klean will sell a multi-year license on a worldwide basis whereby third parties will use our technology in plants that they construct (key strategic industry-leading companies).
  • Direct: The Licensing business line will also encompass direct sales of plants on a "turnkey" basis to individual purchasers who will operate the plants after commissioning. 

Build, Own, Operate & Transfer "BOOT"

Klean can structure a transaction to meet the specific needs of a customer to build, own and operate a system and transfer it to the customer.  

If you have questions or alternative commercial structures in mind for a project, let's talk >> GO.