Good corporate citizens can now be financially responsible and green at the same time. The innovative technologies and support of Klean Industries can deliver environmentally sound alternatives that can recycle, recover resources, heat, cool, and power your world.

Working to improve the environment - that’s what we do at Klean Industries. More and more companies today are looking for sustainable solutions for their businesses that put economic, environmental, and social equity benefits on an equal footing.


Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The successful achievement of sustainable development is only possible if there is a real synergy between profitability and sustainability. One of the greatest barriers to sustainable development is inertia - the skepticism and resistance to change so often typical of mature industries. The significant problems we face today cannot be solved by thinking in the same ways that led to the problems we are now trying to solve.

Successful companies will be those that capture the tide of increased demand, reduce their energy costs, and better manage their risk. History has shown that first movers benefit during a period of transition. Today’s corporations can learn from this and drive the transition, using their human and financial capital to good effect. Climate change is a business opportunity rather than an economic threat.


Sustainability involves approaching business decisions from a “triple bottom line” perspective, rather than a primary focus on financial merits supplemented by environmental compliance and charitable giving. A triple-bottom-line approach incorporates economic, environmental, and social equity considerations on an equal footing into a company’s strategy and product development.

Sustainability offers business opportunities by enabling companies to connect with customers and local communities. Klean Industries is dedicated to sustainability as evidenced by its portfolio of environmentally advanced technology systems that will increase efficiencies in ways you never imagined. Klean is permanently working to improve its performance in the field of sustainability.


How can stewardship lead to more savings? In many regions, having an environmentally friendly facility can go beyond stewardship to qualify you for financial incentives. These incentives have been established at national and regional levels to promote energy conservation and healthier living through “green” buildings. The “green” building concept has been standardized, by the U.S. Green Building Council, which oversees the LEED™ standard - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED™). Clean-energy solutions can be an integral part of achieving LEED™ Certification - the national standard in validating energy-efficient, environmentally friendly “green” building design. Benefits can include not only lower energy costs but also healthier indoor environments which have been shown to increase productivity. In some areas, additional financial incentives are also available for green buildings.


Klean Industries values life and our children’s future. The signs are all around us that our precious ecosystem is being destroyed, yet most of us are too busy ‘getting on with our lives’ to notice. Help us and do your part to protect our symbiotic relationship with the planet and all the living things we share it with.

At Klean Industries we see waste as a resource that offers opportunities for the recovery of value-added materials and valuable energy. We put people and the planet first by striving to create value from each and every kind of waste stream.

Definition of “value”: A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable according to a relative estimate of worth or desirability; evaluate value health above money, life!