Proven Resource Management & Cleantech Leadership

The Klean Industries executive management team comprises an experienced group of leaders who understand the complex supply chain challenges involved in developing and introducing innovative technologies into new and growing markets. Led by a team of experienced and highly praised executives, this team is ideally suited to manage the multi-faceted challenges of simultaneously discovering, developing, and deploying Klean's innovative technologies and solutions for the recovery of energy and resources from waste.

Klean's executive team provides a diverse set of skills necessary for effective control and governance in this emerging field. The team draws on its wide range of expertise in finance, development, operations, and regulatory affairs to provide Klean's management team with guidance during this period of exponential growth in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • James Klinkhamer Chairman & Chief Logistics Officer
    James Klinkhamer

    Mr. James Klinkhamer is a Director and is the Chief Logistics Officer in charge of sustainable logistics for Klean. Jim has over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry. Jim manages logistics, customer quotations, contractual agreements from receipt of inquiry through to order acquisition until receipt of the customer's payment. 

    Prior to joining Klean, Jim was a senior executive at Westrim Express Lines an international transportation company that was bought out by Can-Am in 2008. In this role, he was responsible for sales, company logistics, contractual agreements, and supply chain economics. Jim has handled a number of specialized shipments working directly with prime contractors from the oil fields to entertainment parks. 

    Jim understands that now more than ever it is important to focus on excellence in the management of the supply chain. Companies can make excellent products, they can run brilliant marketing campaigns, but the performance of the supply chain can make the difference between delighting and disappointing the customer. Companies all around the world are struggling with falling demand for their products, and tightening of the financial markets, so the pressure to cut costs is intense. In such an environment, the spotlight is firmly on supply chain professionals to deliver improved performance and, at the same time, do it more cost-effectively with a small environmental footprint and this is where Jim excels. 

    Jim entered the logistics industry in 1974 and has served several different operational roles. Jim graduated from the Business Management Certificate Program. Jim is also the father of Jesse the company's CEO.

  • Jesse Klinkhamer Chief Executive Officer & Founder
    Jesse Klinkhamer

    Mr. Jesse Klinkhamer is one of the original founders of Klean Industries and has over 25 years of business development experience and over 10 years of experience in the resources and energy industry and 15 year in the solid waste management sector. As a consultant and project advisor, he has managed more than a thousand assignments worldwide on all aspects of energy production, resources and solid waste management ranging from feasibility and financial assessment to bid evaluation and contract negotiation. Jesse is now a recognized authority on energy, resource recovery and environmental technologies, including their applications and product sales markets. 

    Prior to Klean Industries, Jesse was the founder of Solid State Investments, a private investment firm assisting junior resource mining and technology start-ups companies. Additionally, he also provided sales and marketing services to resource companies involved in hydrocarbon exploration and refining in North America. Over a decade ago Jesse realized the potential of the low carbon economy and facilitated the change of SSI's focus to become a financial service provider for niche cleantech companies. After years of research and development, Jesse sought out the best and most commercially proven technologies available in the market, which led to the creation of Klean Industries and the ownership of several of the world's leading gasification and pyrolysis technologies. Jesse has extensive experience in the development of resource recovery, and energy from waste projects from the initial feasibility to commercial operation and ongoing project monitoring. 

    Jesse has a real depth of knowledge in the advanced thermal conversion technology space and has directed engineers' feasibility reports for a wide variety of energy-related projects totaling more than $20 billion in project capital costs. He has interacted with bond rating agencies, financial advisors, insurance underwriters, and investment bankers involved in these financings. His efforts have included the development of detailed spreadsheet rate models establishing the financial feasibility of each project, long-term economic forecasts, and projected rate impact upon project users and customers alike. 

    Jesse's expertise and knowledge within the industry has led to many awards and nominations, most notably being made Environmental Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme. He is frequently requested to speak at clean technology and environmental conferences worldwide. Jesse is a long-standing member of the American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials ("ASTM") and is an active voting member of the technical committees ASTM D24 for Carbon Black and ASTM D36 for Recovered Carbon Black that are key technical committees setting the international standards for Carbon Black, Recovered Carbon Black ("rCB"), Recycled Rubber, and Tire Manufacturing. Jesse is a passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast.

  • Joachim Stehnkuhl Director of Capital Markets & Development
    Joachim Stehnkuhl

    Mr. Joachim Stehnkuhl is one of the founders of Carbon Resources Recovery GmbH (“CRR”) and became Director of Development after the acquisition of CRR by Klean Industries. Joachim has been active in private equity and as a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. He has invested in more than 150 companies and accompanied them to successful growth and exits with in-depth experience in the finance, construction, real estate, and telecommunications industries.

    Under his leadership, Europe’s first, full commercial scale and functioning 24/7 tire pyrolysis plant was planned, designed, engineered, and constructed using CRR's exclusive technology.

    Prior to developing CRR, in 1988 Joachim started as owner, shareholder, managing director, and/or supervisory board member in many companies involved in different industries such as fashion, distribution, sales of computer hardware and copying machines, cable & telecom, security technology, engineering companies, operation of nursing homes, film and television studios, plastic manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies which eventually led him into the private equity sector.

    Joachim was also a partner in a large American hedge fund called Lonestar for several years. He was in charge of its German operations doing $15B in transactions annually. During his time at Lonestar acquired thousands of apartments, several packages of NPL as well as 2 German banks. He also co-founded and still owns a significant part of one of German’s first and largest private equity banks called RWB, which is focused on fund to fund transactions. Joachim's strengths are his experience in various industries, the development of large companies, a worldwide network, and deep knowledge in corporate finance.

    He holds a degree in law and business administration from Ludwig-Maximilian-University (“LMU”) in Munich. With Mr. Stehnkuhl’s honed business acumen, and entrepreneurial drive he has had a long and successful career in a number of diverse industries. Mr. Stehnkuhl is in charge of structuring project equity and debt for the company’s projects globally.

  • Marc Schwarzlose Director of Project Development
    Marc Schwarzlose

    Marc Schwarzlose has over 20 years of experience in the aviation and energy sector. He holds a Master´s degree in business administration as well as an Airline Transport Pilot license. Having worked as a Managing director for companies in the energy sector he was instrumental in setting up a project for the construction of a CIGS solar module manufacturing plant in Germany.

    In 2011 Mr. Schwarzlose became the Co-founder and COO of CRR Carbon Resources Recovery and managed the construction of CRR´s continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

  • Judi Morris Administration Director
    Judi Morris

    Ms. Judi Morris joined Klean Industries at the start of 2018 handling administration duty and as Sales Representative. She has skillfully guided new customers and project developers through Klean’s Customer Management Process, preparing Detailed Equipment Quotation services, and following up with all incoming sales both new and old.

    Prior to joining the Klean Team, she worked at the Judicial Justice Centre for 14 years where she attained her Justice of the Peace commission in 2008. She was an integral part of the staff and deemed the go-to person for her vast experience and knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, her leadership skills, and mentoring of new staff.

    She began her career as a civil servant in 1996 for the Provincial Court of British Columbia by starting at the Port Coquitlam Courthouse and also worked at the Maple Ridge Courthouse, operating across multiple disciplines and being respectful of the diverse audiences she engaged with during that time.

    She also gained knowledge in accounts receivables and receptionist duties working as an after-school worker which transitioned full-time for a law office in Burnaby, BC beginning in 1989.  

  • Scott Carley President of Operations & Co-Founder
    Scott Carley

    Scott Carley is one of the founding members of Klean Industries Inc. Mr. Carley has over 25 years of business experience and has a proven record in company development, sales, marketing, and distribution with full profit and loss responsibility as a public corporate officer and as a private company owner. Prior to joining the Klean Team, he was President and Director of Check Marketing where he applied his vision and direction into the company, revamping their business model, providing fiscal decisions, and implementing a new software platform which increased efficiencies.

    Prior to Check Marketing, Mr. Carley was contracted by CYOP Systems, a software development company. During this time, he developed new software on time and within budget in which the company had completed a third-party evaluation of its software valued over US$ 200 million.

    In early 2000, Mr. Carley became CFO of NextLevel, which was one of the fastest growing internet marketing providers for both advertisers and publishers. NextLevel's clients included Madonna, Kiss' Gene Simmons, and many other high-profile companies. As CFO, he streamlined operations and identified new market opportunities while also establishing a new financial plan which brought fiscal responsibility to the company during his tenure.

    Starting in 1996, Mr. Carley had been an executive of Starnet Systems International, a company that was processing more than US$ 2 billion annually in Internet transactions by the year 2000. Starnet was the first Internet processing system to be certified by any Canadian chartered bank. Key to this success, he was responsible for creating a division that was extremely successful in the sales and licensing of this groundbreaking software.

  • Craig Conner President of Project Development
    Craig Conner

    Craig Conner is an accomplished business development executive with more than 25 years’ industry experience in energy, fuels, project development, and engineering.  Mr. Conner is an expert team leader with a proven record of executing large-scale, technically sophisticated initiatives from conception to completion. 

    Craig has served as a consultant and held positions of Vice President Finance and Business Development for energy-related businesses as diverse as Gas to Liquids plant development, coal/biomass to liquids development, ethanol and biodiesel project development.  Mr. Conner has extensive utility experience including energy retrofit/upgrade, general management, and director of business development for a major utility company.

    Mr. Conner has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University and extensive course work and experience in financial and economic modeling, valuation, strategic planning, and business and contract negotiations.

  • Dr. Martin Loffler Chief Technology Officer
    Dr. Martin Loffler

    Martin Loffler has over 25 years of industry experience in chemical process engineering and was instrumental in developing, testing, and optimization of a number of industrial chemical processing systems. His main area of expertise is carbonization technology. Being instrumental in the development and construction of continuous tire pyrolysis plants during his time as technical director at CRR Carbon Resources Recovery, he has hands-on experience with operational and process parameters.

    Dr. Löffler also has extensive knowledge of recovered carbon Black (“rCB”) applications in the rubber and plastic industry. He is the author of several publications in scientific journals and conference papers and is the inventor in patent applications for pyrolysis process systems and the application of rCB in the rubber and plastic industry.

  • Dr. Eckart Pelz President of Technology Development
    Dr. Eckart Pelz

    Dr. Eckart Pelz is a distinguished engineer with over 40 years of experience in electrical, chemical and structural engineering. Having started his engineering career in 1976 he became involved in carbonization technology in 2005 founding his own tire pyrolysis plant in 2007 and obtaining a German operating permit for the facility. Later he became head of project engineering at CRR Carbon Resources Recovery in 2012 setting up a continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

    Dr. Pelz has continually refined and updated the continuous tire pyrolysis process and his expertise will be invaluable for the design and refining of the next generation of plants.

  • Anders Bergman President of European Operations
    Anders Bergman

    Anders Bergman is an innovative and well-versed professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in marketing, project and risk management, retail, marketing management, and business development.

    His primary assignment at Klean Industries involves business development for the Nordic region in Europe and Cleantech solutions for the Aviation Industry. This along with being a natural driven entrepreneur with strong executional skills makes him a valuable asset to the Klean organization.

    During his career, Bergman has worked for a number of leading agencies and with premium brands including VW, Audi, and Volvo. He is a graduate of IHM Business School.

  • Mark VandeVoorde Head of Hydrocarbon Sales
    Mark VandeVoorde

    Mark VandeVoorde is a highly regarded oil industry veteran with over 40 years of experience gained at Chemoil, FAMM, Chevron, Shell, Bomin, Unipec, AM Agrigen Industries, and GCC Bunkers. Mark has recently joined the Klean Team in 2021 and is heading up the company's Hydrocarbon Sales department with a focus on Klean's production plants in the United States. Mark's diversified experience comes from a wide range of activities including senior executive roles and undertaking a variety of company roles throughout his career. Mark has decades of experience in the sales, trading, and risk management of a variety of hydrocarbons including marine fuels and feedstocks used in the chemical industry. 

    Mark comes to Klean after serving as Co-Founder and Managing Director of GCC Bunkers based in Houston Texas where he helped navigate GCC through the latest IMO regulations while delivering compliant ECA fuel supply in the US Gulf Coast. Mark is a graduate of Washington State University with a BA in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management. 

  • David Parkes Commercial Director of UK Projects
    David Parkes

    David Parkes is one of the UK’s leading used tire experts and is formally a Board Director of an automotive waste company that collected and reprocessed a third of the annual UK tire arisings of 450,000 tonnes, Credential Environmental Ltd, the UK’s largest scrap tire re-processor. David has financial and operational experience of major tire-shredding, chipping, and crumb rubber facilities and specifically, was responsible for all the commercial aspects, business development, and developing new end-use markets for tire products. 

    David worked with Government and Southampton University and pioneered the introduction into the UK of processed tires within leachate drainage blankets as a virgin aggregate replacement David assisted the Environment Agency and the Defra Working Group in producing Guidance on aggregate replacement use, and with the drafting of the BSI Standard PAS107 for size reduced ‘products’ from tires. David is a co-author of many published technical papers by Southampton University on the performance of tire-derived materials in landfill drainage projects.  David has been responsible for clearing up some of the UK’s major tire dumps and has successfully cleared over 30,000 tonnes of illegal tire fly-tipping. David now runs his own limited company along with Chris Ingram (below) - collecting and reprocessing used tires, providing technical performance information, design and sales for back end products for engineering, and tire-derived fuels. 

    David still works with the government developing used tire protocols, regulatory positions, environmental law, specifications, and used tire product guidance. David’s company is a specialist contractor that carries out large and small tire ‘fly-tip’ clearances for private and public-sector clients. These can include the clearance of tires ‘dumped’ in commercial premises, or from failed tire reprocessing businesses, also from farms, LA civic amenity sites, old airfields, and quarries. David works with the government’s national intelligence team to mitigate used tire crime and is a specialist consultant for several clients in many diverse areas of waste management and energy recovery from waste, both on tires, plastics, automotive, and other waste streams David has worked on major green technology projects on the treatment of waste - including tire pyrolysis, gasification of municipal and hazardous waste, hazardous waste disposal, and rendering of animal byproducts – all to create alternative fuel or energy from waste.  

  • James Sweeney Project & Business Development
    James Sweeney

    Mr. James Sweeney has over 40 years of experience in the energy sector. His sales and executive track record of bringing new energy-related products successfully to the marketplace is extensive.  Mr. Sweeney’s hands-on knowledge of the energy field has allowed him to develop and manage projects using such technologies as fuel cells, reciprocating engines, gas turbines, compressed natural gas systems, engine-driven chillers, various boiler types, and absorption chillers. 

    Marketing in the wind turbines industry, alternate fuels, waste to energy, solar, vehicle to grid storage, energy storage, plus many other energy savings technologies and products, has also allowed him to be considered a leader in this field. 

    Working with NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), E2 serves as a champion on the economic side of good environmental policy by taking a reasoned, economically sound approach to environmental issues. 

    In 2011, Mr. Sweeney became lead project developer for CRR’s US Tire Pyrolysis Operations, spearheading, permitting, maximizing local tax incentives, feedstock, and off-take negotiations. With the acquisition of CRR, he became part of the Business Development Team for Klean Industries and is also a shareholder of Klean.

  • Pablo Orsolani Business Development & Sales Latin America
    Pablo Orsolani

    Pablo Orsolani has over 35 years of industrial experience in both the energy and manufacturing sectors with a specific focus on resource and supply chain management. His professional career has involved a number of industries such as oil (E&P in Colombia, Venezuela), chemicals (paints, industrial gases, oil refining), gold, nickel, aluminum, and electric generating stations both in hydraulic and gas plant designs. He has filled several roles in upper-level management and has taking on senior roles such as President, acting Board Member, and has also undertaken investment banking roles in these industries to facilitate acquisitions and corporate growth.

    His range of experiences are hands-on and practical in nature, he has specific experience in assembling and running projects from their conception to full execution and operations. He has also undertaking consultations both public and private including feasibility studies, financing reports, and all other aspects to deliver a long list of successful industrial projects in the international marketplace.

    Mr. Orsolani is a registered professional engineer with two master's degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Business Management from MIT and the Sloan School of Management is the business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

  • Craig Noble President of Media & Marketing
    Craig Noble

    Mr. Craig Noble is Klean Industries' multi-talent with 15 years of creative entrepreneurial and project management experience in media production, food and beverage, and marketing and branding industries. Heading up Klean's media production team and new business development, his wide and diverse range of talents bring a well-rounded and versatile skill set to Klean. He has excellent interpersonal communication and both client and team management acumen. Craig has the ability to execute short and long-term goals and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. His extensive global travel experience has also been key to his success on the Klean Team.

    Craig is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Brewmaster, Cicerone, and a committed environmentalist. Mr. Noble has a Masters (MA) in Communications from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta.

    To view some of Craig's award-winning films please see Pixel One Productions - Vimeo Channel or visit Craig's website and purchase the films at Pixel One Productions. Watch the award-winning film TABLELAND - A culinary expedition in sustainable food production.

  • Kingsley Kobayashi President of African Operations
    Kingsley Kobayashi

    Kingsley Kobayashi has over 30 years of experience in Africa and international market place. Nigerian born, living in Japan for over 20 years Kingsley specialises on connecting Africa with the world and bringing new, innovative business and technologies to the continent. He has extensive contacts, in-depth marketing knowledge and extremely strong work ethics, combined with proven management and project developmental skills.

    Kingsley and Klean's CEO have a +20-year relationship and both share a great devotion for creating meaningful businesses that can positively impact people lives, for long term and in a sustainable way. Kingsley's goal is to effectively implement Klean's strategy in growing business opportunities for creating renewable energy, resource recovery and recycling projects to drive inclusive and green growth for Africa starting with the creation of projects that address waste to energy opportunities in Nigeria. By focusing sharply on areas of high-impact, building strategic partnerships and mobilizing resources to deliver impact at scale. His goal is to help build a new Africa with prosperous, sustainable and inclusive growth; one that is peaceful, secure and united, regionally integrated and globally competitive. A continent filled with hope, opportunities, liberties and freedom, with shared prosperity for all. An Africa that is open to the world, one that Africans are proud to call home.

    Kinglsey has been doing multi channel trading actives throughout Africa for over 2 decades, creating hundreds of millions of dollars of trade between Asia, Europe and Africa working with various companies and international trade organizations. Kingsley plans to position Klean effectively to become a leading company in developing and building "Integrated Smart-Infrastructure" in Africa. Integrated Smart-Infrastructure is targeted and focused infrastructure that considers the entire development ecosystem in situating infrastructures to effectively deliver on operational effectiveness, scale which deliver long term sustainable economic impacts.

    Kingsley maintains strong ties to Africa and strives to bring the best to it. He runs his own trading company with branches in Nigeria, Japan and Europe. Kinglsey speaks 6 languages fluently including English, Japanese, and three major African languages, Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, and Niger--Congo. Kingsley is a proud husband and father, he also devotes a lot of his spare time to international charity organizations that have a focus on creative collaboration between Africa and Japan.

  • Kiyofumi Oikawa President of Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Kiyofumi Oikawa

    Mr. Kiyofumi Oikawa has over 35 years international business experience with large engineering and construction companies working throughout South East Asia. With a BA in Mechanical Engineering and also fluent in English, Kiyofumi has held many senior executive positions and advisory roles and is well recognized for his achievements in engineering.

    Most of Kiyofumi's career was spent at Tokyu Construction Company Co., Ltd one of Japan's largest multi-disciplinary engineering and construction firms based in Tokyo. He was involved in all areas of the business; technical design & development, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, construction, business development and quality control. Domestically in Japan, Tokyu Construction acted as a business development arm for the Michimae projects and for over a decade Kiyofumi has worked with the Michimae technology platform, becoming a close personal friend and business associate to Mr. Michimae in the process. Prior to his recent retirement from Tokyu he was appointed as Head of R&D for both domestic and international projects.

    Kiyofumi currently advises the Japan Carbon Technology Exchange a CDM government initiative and sits on the Advisory Board of Tokyo City University, where he still lectures part time on Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental Engineering. Having joined the team 2010, Kiyofumi's extensive knowledge and experience will prove invaluable in assisting the project development and also in the Michimae technology transfer.

  • Kiyoharu Michimae President of Technology Development
    Kiyoharu Michimae

    Mr. Kiyoharu Michimae is a renowned engineer, serial inventor and owner of one of Japan's foremost engineering companies involved in the thermal treatment of chemicals, minerals and waste. With over 50 years experience, having started his research in 1953, he is responsible for the first commercial pyrolysis and gasification processes in Japan, eventually designing and developing over fifty resource recovery facilities for the domestic market, the majority of which processed tire and plastic waste.

    Having established his own engineering company in 1973, it was the development of the unique carbonisation technology that converts whole tires into a diesel grade fuel, which proved to be one of Kiyoharu's greatest commercialized inventions. In 1983 he was duly honoured for this technological breakthrough by receiving the Pollution Bureau Director Award from the Trade and Industry Ministry of Japan and several years later was awarded "Best Commercial Technology" by the Waste & Recycling Ministry. The technology has been widely adopted throughout Japan and the fuel product consumed across the industrial sector.

    Kiyoharu never ceases to advance his lifetime's work, and has continually refined and updated his technologies. In 2010 Kiyoharu became Klean's Technology Development Director, where his vast experience will prove invaluable in the deployment of his gasification and carbonization technologies worldwide.

  • Yoshio Yamaki VP of Process Development & Engineering
    Yoshio Yamaki

    Mr. Yoshio Yamaki has over 30 years business experience having started within the financial services and banking industry in Japan. Initially working with the foreign and international exchange department of Risona Bank, Yoshio moved to Sumimoto Bank where he held an executive position in what was to become Japan's largest institutional bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc.

    With an increasing interest in the waste management arena, Yoshio raised US$10M to partner with an industry professional and established the Houji Techno Co. in 1992. This was a design led, research and development company that focused on plastic to diesel advanced thermal conversion technologies. Four years development led to the commercialization of both a continuous type and batch type pyrolysis system that recovered high grade fuel oils from mixed plastic waste.

    In 2005, Yoshio spun out these technologies into a new consulting business, Kankyo Technology Company and was engaged on the commissioning of seven plastic to diesel plants throughout Japan. In 2010 Yoshio became a valuable member of the Klean Team as Process Development and Engineering Director and will aid in the roll out of Klean's facilities.

  • Sharon Chew Corporate Secretary of Klean Industries (Malaysia)
    Sharon Chew

    Mrs. Sharon Chew is a Corporate Secretary of Klean Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Before she joined the Klean Team, she started her professional career in the finance and accounting industry. She previously worked for a New Zealand based company called Tourplan Inc., to develop a specialized finance model to aid the tour operators and travel wholesalers with integrated software solutions to improve efficiencies. She successfully designed tailor made packaged tours for the comprehensive sales and distribution of travel products. She also designed comprehensive supplier connectivity tools and interfaces which allowed technologies to h arness data through the internet. The designs greatly simplified financial transparency and accounting practices within the tour operations, better enabling the management of products and more accurate travel quotations, resulting improved profit margins and increased sales.

    In 2008 Sharon joined Menanjung Sdn Bhd an environmental solutions company as Finance Director. Since then she has gained extensive experience and has overseen all aspects of the rubber recycling projects undertaken by Menanjung. Sharon has also been managing and building key relationships for the company, with special focus on developing trade relationships for finished products and for the domestic and international markets. She has also been actively involved in coordinating permits and grants with the Malaysian Government.

    Sharon is multi lingual, has superb interpersonal skills and is able to interact with all levels of personnel including government officials, sales representatives, clients and equipment vendors. She is professional at managing multiple portfolios and has executed financial programs designed to increase operational efficiencies and productivity while evaluating industry trends and strategies to boost the company's performance and leveraging ability.

  • Louis Wong President of Klean Industries (Malaysia)
    Louis Wong

    Louis Wong is a partner with Klean Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. and President of the Malaysian office. He is a successful environmental consultant, who has supplied services that have delivered realizable value through transformation to a number of industrial companies. He has redesigned and reengineered several industrial systems which improved the operations significantly. He is also highly skilled at improving supply chain economics and optimization strategy developed for the Malaysia market place.

    Before joining the Klean Team, Louis was the Managing Director of an environmental solutions company which specialized in processing scrap tires using a low-tech pyrolysis process. Louis was also the majority shareholder of this company for past 8 years. Louis is actively involved in various businesses and has developed a number of natural resource projects in the mining sector. He has owned and operated a significant specialized rock quarry and entered collaboration with a number of major industrials, such as Sime Darby and various government offices in charge of road building infrastructure. Louis has valuable experience in the construction sector within Malaysia and has secured contracts from the Malaysian Government which has led to the development and build out of over 6,000 homes throughout country.

    Louis was also engaged as a maintenance contractor for a palm oil plantation mill owned by Sime Darby, one of the largest in country. He has successfully delivered various large scale projects in Malaysia and since 2006 he has exposed and dedicated himself to the clean technology industry.

  • Cody Wong Vice President of Klean Industries (Malaysia)
    Cody Wong

    Cody Wong Yee Hoo is a partner with Klean Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Vice President of the Malaysia office. Cody has significant experience in project planning, implementation and execution. He has a proven ability to deliver complex projects against KPI's in the Asian energy sector. Highly analytical with creative problem solving skills and a consistent track record of on-time and on-quality project delivery.

    Cody is a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, with a degree from the University of Tasmania, Australia. He has been Project Engineer for Sapura Kencana Petroleum, one of the world's top five EPCIC oil & gas companies. Here he oversaw high-value projects across different geographies, such as the large scale Husky-Li Wan subsea manifold fabric ation, installed at a depth of 1,500m; a Cameron International Corporation project. Cody lead and coordinated a team with Cameroon engineers and sub-contractors to ensure smooth execution delivered on time to exact technical specification, underpinned by strict quality control. Assisted in achieving; FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SIT (System Integration Test) and EFAT (Electronic Factory acceptance Test). Companies participating with Cameron included -- BHP Billiton Upper Pyreness Subsea Manifold, FMC -- Woodside Greater Western Flank Subsea Manifold, and GE -- Apache Julimar Subsea Manifold.

    Cody was appointed to participate in a number of subsea projects to provide costing, planning and execution strategy. He was responsible for providing financial and technical updates to Senior Management. Cody is now focused on sustainable environmental solutions that prevent resource depletion and global warming.