Attached to this letter is a "Project Evaluation Form" that we ask all prospective customers to complete. It is an important document, as the information requested on the form will give Klean Industries an understanding of your waste management strategy, allow us to prepare an accurate assessment of the kind of system you require and its likely purchase price, and enable us to provide you with essential information about the system, such as estimated operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, the form allows us to obtain basic information about your business and to assess your financial capacity to acquire one of our systems. With this information, we can identify areas in which we may be able to assist you with the purchase of the system.

Please complete the entire form in as much detail as possible, as it will enable us to provide a complete solution to your waste management requirements along with timely and successful implementation.

There are several fields on the form that MUST be completed in order for us to accurately determine the most appropriate system for your needs. These fields include:

  1. Feedstock types - Different feedstocks are processed in different ways by our systems. In addition, the particular characteristics of a feedstock relate directly to the quality of our systems' products. Therefore, please be as accurate as possible in completing this section.
  2. Desired end products - It is important that we know and understand the products you wish to obtain from the waste you intend to process. Each of our systems is custom designed for each customer, so the information you provide in this regard will enable us to engineer the system so as to maximize the output of the product(s) you are most interested in.
  3. Power costs - Please obtain from your electric power supplier the rate per kilowatt-hour applicable to the proposed site of the system.
  4. Labor costs - These should be quoted in US$ and on a per annum basis to enable us to accurately calculate annual staffing costs.
  5. Document confirmations - Must be provided of contractual relationships for feedstock, as must copies of company incorporation certificates.

All the information contemplated by the form is important but the above fields are especially so and we will not be able to provide you with an accurate assessment and estimate unless those fields are completed in detail. Please note that all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than preparing an assessment and estimate for the system you require.

Kind regards,

Klean Industries Inc.

Klean Industries - Project Evaluation Form

Sections to be completed:

Section 1 Corporate Profile Section 5 Your Input (Feedstock)

Section 2

Overview of your Strategy

Section 6

Your Operational Plan

Section 3 Your Site / Facility Section 7 Regulatory Requirements
Section 4 Desired Output & Sales Plan Section 8 Additional Information

Download a PDF version of our "Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvention Agreement" to fill out & submit later >> GO.

Download a PDF version of the "Project Evaluation Form" to fill out & submit later >> GO.