Our customers experience complete control, with state-of-the-art SCADA, PLC data management, and diagnostics platforms that are fully integrated with each plant design. These are powerful tools for companies who want to enhance process knowledge, control, and management.

Data Recording & Analysis

Klean systems offer commercial and industrial facilities an efficient and user-friendly control system. Users will have the ability to combine the process data with a systems analyses platform including batch reports, trends, traceability reports, alarm/event histories, component performance and efficiency reports, downtime/uptime comparisons, component failure histories, and more. All captured data is backed up with double redundancy- assuring that all information is protected.

Advanced Technology, Simple interface

While the technology that drives your plant is elaborate, interfacing with our software is simple. From easy-to-interpret charting and display features to intuitive access to technical information, our systems offer a user-friendly experience that requires minimal training and start-up time.

Virtual Workrooms

Klean utilizes virtual workrooms to allow for multiple sites to convene and communicate collaboratively. Virtual workrooms simulate a physical work environment by placing conference "rooms", file storage "rooms" real-time systems screens, and other familiar environments online. With Klean on your side, our customers can collaborate with our technicians from anywhere on the globe to evaluate system failures and performance. As a result, costly service calls can be reduced with these unique monitoring and collaboration capabilities.

Developed By Experienced Technicians

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of our systems platform is that was created, from the ground up, by field service technicians. It takes a first-hand understanding of the work environment to create software that supplements, not impedes, your process.

Anytime, anywhere access to critical unit performance data:

  • Virtual Workroom Collaboration
  • Descriptive fault messages with quick access to troubleshooting & repair documents
  • Remote modification of setpoints & other variables
  • Double redundant data storage
  • Meets or exceeds all DOD & Homeland Security requirements
  • Automatic email notification of faults with informational description
  • Optional phone or pager notification of faults
  • Optional real-time video monitoring of combustion chamber and flame