Focused on Environmentally Conscious Industrial Solutions

Circular Economy & Energy from WasteAs our name suggests, Klean Industries Inc. (as in “clean”) is an environmentally conscious industrial solutions company focused on providing clean energy and recovered resources to various industrial manufacturing sectors. We pay special attention to the implementation of resource-recovery and recycling solutions which aid in the development and creation of the circular economy we all want and need.

Klean Industries operates globally and is highly specialized in using advanced “clean” technologies to develop projects that provide environmentally beneficial solutions to energy production and waste-management challenges using only the best commercially available technologies (“BCAT”). 

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and is committed to solving problems large and small in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner, with a primary focus on converting high calorific waste streams into valuable commodities. 

Klean’s Mission & Mandate are to:

  • To apply the best-of-class technologies to recover green energy and resources from niche waste streams,
  • To own/partner in facilities that deliver the highest possible returns both financially and environmentally,
  • To own/partner and operate businesses that generate significant carbon credits from their operations,
  • To produce and market high quality commodities produced from waste that have a worldwide demand,
  • To own/partner and operate facilities on a commercial basis without special subsidies,
  • To earn attractive, low-risk returns for customers and investors alike.