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We work with all areas of the waste-to-value sector, actively developing circular economy solutions. We continually invest in our people, partnerships, and our portfolio of technologically advanced equipment. This expertise ensures we can offer the latest solutions, techniques, technology, and reliability to deliver pure and simple value throughout the supply chain while keeping a firm hold and acute understanding of our environmental footprint throughout the process.

With friendly, helpful, and efficient staff and an industry that's alive and buzzing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you won't experience anything like it anywhere else. Have a look around the website then contact us - and we'll work with you to make the solution you're looking for, happen. We have a network of thousands of outlets, clients, customers, and resources at our fingertips.

This resource section of the Klean Industries website contains useful answers and solutions to common implementation questions. You can also download a wide variety of materials including worksheets, research documents, reports, lesson plans, and links to other simple resources, and more.

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To facilitate an efficient screening process and to better understand your application and requirements, please download, complete, and return the 'Project Evaluation Form' to sales(at)kleanindustries.com. Once the 'Project Evaluation Form' has been completed and received by Klean, it will be forwarded to Klean's sales engineering department for quick processing. Any information received through this process will be kept confidential.