Welcome and thank-you for taking the time to learn more about Klean Industries

Our website was designed with education, information, and technology in mind. We hope you will enjoy it and have the opportunity to digest what we are all about. We also hope that this site touches you in a profound way and makes you ask yourself new questions about sustainability and what it means to each and every one of us.

Behind this website is a committed team of people – executives, engineers, scientists, professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, activists, environmentalists, and investors who together believe that we can help build and support new, clean and renewable sources of energy that both reduce pollution and climate change while creating sustainable economies for generations to come.

Here on this website, you will find the technologies and solutions of tomorrow that are being applied today. We are committed to developing ideas that involve a new way of thinking about waste management, clean energy, and the environment, using proven, technologically advanced systems and processes. We hope you will take notice of what can be done when you think outside the traditional landfill and incineration scenario.

As we all know there is no shortage of waste. However, there is a shortage of knowledge about turning waste into an environmental and financial asset. The Klean Team is continuously developing methods of how to go far beyond “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to generate new revenue at the same time that we help sustain the environment.

At Klean Industries, we help customers to either eliminate waste entirely or convert waste into useful products. In many cases, we have used new and emerging technologies to develop systems that recover or reuse materials that were formerly considered worthless. A key part of Klean’s overall business focus is providing technologies that redesign the way businesses consume and reuse the cornucopia of resources that are constantly being extracted, mined, and harvested.

One statistic makes clear the demand placed on earth by our current global economic system - every day the worldwide economy burns an amount of energy that took the planet 10,000 days to create. Or, put another way, 27 years’ worth of stored solar energy is consumed by utilities, cars, houses, factories, and farms every 24 hours. Essentially, every calendar year we humans gobble down what took planet Earth 9,855 years to create - Now that’s shocking and unsustainable!

Klean Industries builds and designs sustainable solutions; we specialize in designing commercially viable ecological recovery models that mimic nature in recognizing that waste equals food, such as where waste from one industry becomes a feedstock for another. Klean provides its customers, whether they are in government, industry, or business, with comprehensive waste resource and management solutions. From planning, designing, and constructing waste system infrastructure to providing innovative technologies and systems to process, recycle, reuse, and dispose of waste, we are leaders in sustainable waste-stream optimization.

Environmental stewardship benefits businesses, communities, and the health of our planet. We help customers reduce environmental management costs while minimizing business risks and environmental liabilities, and we look for opportunities to convert liabilities into assets. We apply best management practices and appropriate only the most highly efficient, environmentally superior, and cost-effective technologies for the job. Whatever your environmental focus, Klean Industries can help you achieve a practical equilibrium between your mission statement or balance sheet and the balance of nature.

Today’s businesses currently need to consider three basic but important issues:

  • (1) what they take,
  • (2) what they make, and
  • (3) what they waste

These three have never been more intimately connected than they are today. With dwindling resources and an ever-growing demand on the eco-system, we must reevaluate how we do business.

In our model’s everything is integrated, just as it is in nature, creating more prosperity throughout the business chain. Better business ethics, a better environment, more profit, fewer costs, more jobs, smoother production, and more prosperity for all living things. The key here is that financial prosperity is an end product of utilizing environmentally responsible resource-recovery technologies. All our technologies can be vertically integrated with all types of business and we have designed several different business models that incorporate virtually every aspect of a healthy, environmentally responsible cooperation among all levels of business across the board. These integration models are revolutionizing how business is now done and will be in the future.

Our people have a long history of caring for our natural environment and are more aware now than ever before that our design, engineering, consulting and corporate projects profoundly influence the quality of human communities and the natural environments that support them. Klean Industries is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and sustainability leader wherever we do business. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. As an employee-owned corporation, Klean Industries fosters a culture of self-motivation and personal responsibility, and our employee’s value and support sustainability, both inside and outside the workplace. We have formally adopted sustainability policies and processes to ensure that we walk our talk and we are an active corporate member of the organizations that are shaping the future of sustainable industry.

The Klean Team believes that the world moves forward on the back of inspiration and ideas but most of all action. For them, a day is more than 24 hours. A day is an opportunity to make something happen - to make a positive difference. These are people who believe that making a contribution matters and who find it impossible to go about their lives any other way. These are the people you’ll find working with Klean Industries Inc. Not because they have to - because it’s who they are!

Klean Industries is fully committed to creating a healthy environment and we see this opportunity as our chance to contribute to achieving the sustainable society we all want and need. It is instilled in the very culture of the organization and is a cornerstone of our success, and we look forward to helping you and your company become more environmentally empowered and sustainable. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Wishing you all the best on behalf of Klean Industries.


CEO: Mr. J. Klinkhamer
Klean Industries Inc.