Klean provides customers with complete energy and waste audits. With the background of increasing government regulations for emission reduction targets, businesses need to comply with new policies cost-effectively. We can help companies to achieve this by advising on all aspects of compliance with current and impending legislation. This will include the following:

  • Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)
  • Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which states the energy efficiency of a building based on the standardized way that the building is used. Carbon dioxide (CO2) ratings are shown in bandings from A to G and this has now become an EU Directive that affects every building in the EU.


The first step to improving the energy efficiency of your company is to find out where the energy is used. Energy Management Solutions can carry out an energy audit that will show you where savings can be made without adversely affecting the overall performance of the operation. The results of the audit will vary from company to company but will often include suggestions for the installation of new technologies such as Voltage Optimisation, Smart Meters, and/or Renewable Energy solutions as well as best practice procedures and energy workforce processes.

Data Management

Klean offers a management service to collate data such as:

  • Sophisticated metering, including advanced and SMART meters
  • Fast and secure data collection covering consumption, carbon, and costs
  • Providing valuable data and inputs for use in energy certificates (DECs, EPCs)
  • Carbon, energy, and CRC reporting
  • Bill verification services

Meter Operations

Through partnership agreements with leading commercial bodies, Klean can offer its customers a hands-on service of managing the supply of energy to the buildings with services that include:

  • Sophisticated equipment for electricity, gas, water, and more
  • True nationwide coverage
  • Advanced metering, Multi-utility, and Submetering for even more visibility
  • Choice of flexible communications
  • Expert, highly trained engineers

Energy Intelligence

If businesses don’t put their carbon and energy data into context, they will not gain a true picture of current activity, opportunities available, and future direction.

  • Klean’s analytics transforms the data into actionable insight.
  • Benchmarking
  • Recommendations
  • Strategy development
  • Advanced bureau services
  • Complete energy certification support (DECs, EPCs)


Klean advises on how to comply with legislation including:

  • Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS) and Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)
  • Emission trading scheme application and verification
  • Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme