Besides a pioneering and dedicated management team, highly experienced technical team, and a large network of industry experts and professionals, Klean Industries boasts a portfolio of "clean" technologies that have multiple feedstock capabilities. Some of these technologies have been optimized to process the niche waste streams that the Company is currently focused on, such as scrap tires, mixed plastics, and municipal solid wastes. There are multiple reference facilities dedicated to these waste streams, which are some of the largest and longest-running plants in the world.

By using only technologies that have a long history of safe and efficient operations, Klean Industries can draw on decades of engineering excellence to ensure that any new project can be delivered with confidence that only comes from such experience. These fully mature technologies have been continually refined, upgraded, and improved since their first conception in the 1960s, they are now fully optimized and extremely efficient, using only a fraction of the end products for process heat.

Unique operational features that can save significant operating costs are proprietary in Klean's technology, for example, the continuous tyre carbonization process is able to take tyres whole into the reactor thus avoiding pre-treatment such as shredding and chipping. This also allows for the steel to be extracted whole rather than shredded, which would have a lower market value. With the plastic depolymerization technology, this process has been perfected so that large volumes of PET and PVC can be included within the mixed plastic waste, without a detrimental effect on the reactor itself or the end products.

Access to and knowledge of different feedstocks is another key strength of Klean Industries. We continue to have access to various sources of supply around the globe. Controlling feedstock at the source allows the projects to secure supplies for its operations to run at full capacity and by producing the highest quality end products that fit today's supply chain, we help projects attracted significant demand for cost-effective, green, and low-carbon-footprint commodities. This has meant Klean Industries has been able to forward sell much of each plant's production in advance, reinforcing the Klean business model.

The Klean Advantage:

  •     Environmentally-friendly technologies with a +60 year commercially proven history
  •     Clean technology has been implemented on a large scale for world-leading industrials
  •     Cost-effective technology portfolio of hundreds of plants installed and operating
  •     Economic self-sufficiency, projects are feasible on a stand-alone basis (subsidy-free)
  •     Modular EPC standardized packaged plants capable of deployment in less than 12 months
  •     Scalable designs with more tire and plastic plants built than all our competition combined
  •     Strong financial support institutionally, with the backing of various government projects
  •     Proven management team with world-class advisors who have done this all before
  •     Multiple feedstock flexibility with a focus on tires, plastics, and MSW under long-term contracts
  •     A very large and established market for both applications and product demand that is rapidly growing
  •     High-grade commodities that are in demand with multi-year "take or pay" off-take agreements in place