Improperly trained equipment-operating personnel can make very costly and sometimes potentially dangerous mistakes. An essential part of executing the complete design and construction of a facility is the development of a comprehensive and specific operator training program. Klean conducts the necessary training to ensure that the customer's operating personnel are well qualified to safely operate our technology solutions and systems.


Apart from the actual operating instructions for the individual components, you will also receive comprehensive and categorised documents, e.g. concerning maintenance and monitoring activities. These will make it easier for you when dealing with the plant on a daily basis.

If your facility lacks a formal, organized, thorough and systematic approach to the training of operating personnel, Klean provides three levels of operator-training services: Basic, Advanced, and Recurrent.

Basic Training - In the Basic Training Program, we impart the core knowledge necessary to develop a thorough understanding of powerhouse components, including resource recovery systems, waste-to-energy systems, boilers, water treatment systems, steam and combustion turbines, burners and pollution control equipment. This training is generic in nature and is meant to familiarize the operations staff with how the different components that they encounter everyday function, standard operating procedures, the potential dangers associated with the equipment, and how to avoid making potentially disastrous decisions. The training occurs at the site with a class size of up to 15 operations and maintenance technicians. Each operator is provided with a manual that can be used for reference, and each will be tested both before and after the training to determine the level of comprehension of each concept.

Advanced Training - In the Advanced Training Program, Klean customizes the training for your particular facility. Klean will visit the site to gather information from the operations staff, review the facility's existing documentation and observe the system operation. A full-scale training program would then be developed including a manual customized for the facility. The training would consist of both classroom and hands-on sessions. Many of the core concepts taught during the basic training would be included; however, they would be tailored to the specific facility equipment. Advanced training would also include operational guidelines, suggestions for periodic review of the equipment and its operating parameters, and safety guidelines along with specific warnings and a clear explanation of the consequences of improper actions. Once again, Klean recommends testing each operator both before and after the training to insure comprehension.

Recurrent Training - The Recurrent Training Program is designed to forge an alliance between Klean and your operating staff in order to ensure the continuous and effective operation of your facility. The Advanced Training Program is a prerequisite for the Recurrent Training Program, which offers recurrent annual training for your operators, comprehensive training of up to two new personnel per year, and an annual inspection of your facility including a written report outlining any findings, as well as suggestions for improvements in operations and maintenance. Probably the best feature of all of this program is that Klean will be on-call 24/7 to answer questions of your operations staff and troubleshoot problems.