In a remarkably short time, economic globalization has changed the world’s economic order, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities for innovation. In order for companies to compete in this new environment, they must become more innovative and respond more effectively to consumers’ needs and preferences. 

The Klean Team possesses extraordinary skillsets for creating and deploying innovative solutions. We have a longstanding tradition of producing breakthrough cleantech solutions and have a wealth of creative people behind us. Klean has laid the foundations for the transformation of our old, outdated, and wasteful infrastructure into a new, circular, and renewable energy future. We are supplying some of the largest markets in the world with innovative products, solutions, and services on a large-scale commercial level.

Klean is formulating, influencing, and where appropriate, working with many groups to aid in implementing new technologies, policies, and programs to increase the world’s energy efficiency. Klean ensures that innovation is thoroughly understood by our customers and partners alike. Our approach is comprehensive, thereby contributing to greater economic stability, better competitiveness, real sustainability, and more job creation.

Providing innovative solutions to energy and environmental challenges is what we live for. In the cleantech space, it is unlikely you’ll find a more nimble, diverse, and experienced team such as the Klean Team. Below are just a few of the project challenges we have worked on over the years and delivered solutions for:

Projects - A Sustainable Industrial Revolution Locations
Review of over 500 pyrolysis and gasification technologies and consultation on over 3,000 projects using the Best Commercially Available Technologies (BCAT) with EPCM deal structure components. EU, NA, Asia
Review of alternative sites for energy-from-waste gasification plants and consultation with statutory planning authorities and the Environment Agency on mitigation of local impacts. UK
Preparation of facility permitting application and planning consents for a pyrolysis plant designed for mixed wastes. UK
Preparation of a new tire stewardship plan for a provincial government and its transition to industry stewardship. Canada
Process evaluation and HAZOP (hazard and operability) risk analysis of a 12MW gasifier for ASR (automotive shredder residue) contaminated with heavy metals and other chemical wastes. UK
Installation, supervision, commissioning, and technical assessment of the expansion of a carbon black manufacturing facility integrated with a tire carbonization facility for power production within a closed grid. Japan
Investigation and installation of an integrated steam superheater fueled by pyrolysis gas produced via a new tire pyrolysis plant. Norway
Development and design of a new tire pyrolysis plant with the Government of the Slovak Republic. Slovakia
Technical, economic, and risk analysis of continuous gasification of waste polyolefin plastics at an operating refinery. UK
After 3rd party analysis to inform an investment valuation built and installed an integrating waste tire gasification and plastic liquefaction plant into an eco-industrial park. Germany
Supervised the commissioning of a wood-waste pellet mill plant characterization of wood as input for a gasification power plant and problem-solving of combustion failures. Canada
Review and assessment of detailed engineering for a new wood waste-fired power plant including fuel analysis, gasification & combustion tests, bio-crude production, and evaluation of fuel pre-treatment methods. Canada
Evaluation of alternative gasification methods for sludge, municipal solid waste, and wood chips to produce bio-oil (crude). USA
Review of landfills and gas and leachate management operations plans and assessment of the potential for landfill gas utilization including an evaluation of a waste-to-energy facility to inform an investment valuation. Kuwait
Environmental upgrade of beef processing plant including review of designs for an electrical switch to fuel cell integration using biogas and plans for an integrated rendering plant and biodiesel production facility with zero-waste. USA
Installation and completion of an environmental upgrade of the CHP plant including a review of designs for MSW processing and the disposal and recycling of ash and slag residues. Japan
Technical assessment of the expansion of a biomass co-firing power generation facility. UK
Investigation of an integrated 4,000 tonnes per day MSW gasification plant and a water desalination plant. UAE
Analysis of the economic and technical performance of several operating wind farms to inform an investment valuation. UAE
Built and installed a new Coal-to-liquids conversion project where services included design, tendering, and installation of a gasification & CHP plant for processing 1,100 to 1,500 tonnes per day, tendering and supervision of the conversion from coal to gas with 10 reactors. China
Development and assessment of an integrated in-situ gasification oil-sands project which included design and engineering for a heavy oil upgrading facility for the production of 50,000 barrels per day. Canada
Investigation and review of integrated wind-powered skyscraper development. UAE
Risk analysis of gasification plants including calculation of deflagration loads and modeling of gas and flue gas flows. UK

Case Studies

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Tire Recycling

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Plastic Recycling

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