The Klean Team has over 60 years of experience developing applications in the renewable energy industry, having worked on thousands of projects and serving our customers. We have worked closely with global clients on extensive and challenging projects. Many of our clients have had great things to say about us - from the technologies, services, and solutions that we've provided to the advice and support that we've given to them throughout their projects.

Take a look below at some of the testimonials that we've received over the years.

“We approached Klean after spending the nearly 2 years getting the running around by various vendors falsely claiming to offer commercial-scale technology to only find out that we had been lead down the wrong path. When we first contacted your company we were somewhat hesitant about being charged for an equipment quotation and after review of your process and in following through with it, we are blown away by the value you provided. Wish we came to you when we started our project; we would have not only saved time getting accurate details but we would have also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars avoiding costly delays and investor embarrassment. The Klean Team is a breath of fresh air and understands what it takes to make projects a reality – all I can say is…WOW!”

Confidential Customer, USA

“Thank you for the quotation and feasibility study proposal, it is much more detailed than those we have previously reviewed. We will be in contact with you once we have completely digested the proposal and have locked down a number of items you highlight as project risks. It is very obvious that the Klean Team is very comfortable and confident in what you do and why your company is leading the way forward in the tires to oil and plastics to oil technology space.”

Confidential Customer, USA

“It’s been a pleasure for the team to study your solution and we feel Klean has all the right ingredients needed for a successful execution of the project in Boardman as well as the others in the pipeline. All the best and let me know if further help is needed from our side!”

Olli Uusitalo, Sweco Group

“Congratulations to you and your team, great stuff, brilliantly researched, well written, and informative. I’ve learned so much from reading the full report and am proud to be a part of it.”

Confidential Customer, Australia

“Working with Klean has enabled us with the ability to develop projects in countries which were otherwise difficult to deal with. Klean’s professional service, competitive solutions, and efficient handling of the entire engineering process has provided us with a competitive advantage in our project development lifecycle.”

Hermann Niehues, Rethmann Group

“I was quite skeptical at hiring a firm from outside of Europe…your performance in this solicitation effort has exceeded our expectations and your recent expert witness testimony (when this effort was challenged) was virtually flawless and possibly the pivotal evidence, this competitive bidding process should save the Authority approximately $2,200,000 over the next five years.”

Hermann Scheer, German MP-WCRE

“In a fast-tracked procurement process, Klean brought invaluable insights to our tire pyrolysis project. Without your key technology and sales channels for upgrading the recovered carbon black, we would have gone bankrupt, thank you for saving us.”

Patrick Modinar, KGL

“We do appreciate everything that Klean did for us during the Initiative and we’re grateful for your perseverance, expertise, and patience during the project’s tenure, the quality of Klean pyrolysis’s equipment is second to none. Maintenance costs are lower than expected and after nearly a decade, the plant output quality and run-time are extraordinary. The KleanTeam’s continued support is invaluable. Thanks again for everything.”

Kazuteru Shinohara, FE

“Klean is a professional organization that continually examines complex issues through a financial, technical, environmental, and social standpoint that provides the customer with a plan that adds value to the initial concept and prevents problems before they ever occur.”

Ray Morris, Sunpower Group

“Thank you and your colleagues at Klean for your dedication, hard work, and professionalism as we have worked together over the past five years. The dedication and willingness of your entire team to consistently exceed expectations are deeply appreciated.”

John Richardson, CCTC-NRC

“The survey [Klean’s 2006 European studies for the volume of tyres and ASR material generated annually] was incredibly helpful and will be part of the next 2010-2012 Landfill Policy. We also want to thank you for your excellent work in setting up and arranging for our team to visit and tour multiple commercial plants in operation which clearly illustrates the commercial viability of energy from waste plants being used on a large-scale basis for scrap tyres and ASR. Many thanks.”

Ragn Sells & NTRA

“I know I can speak for the Trustees in saying that Klean Industries has been of enormous assistance to us. The firm has guided us and the two jurisdictions’ solid waste operations through some challenging times. The Trustees have no hesitation in recommending Klean Industries Inc.”

City of Vaughan, ETD

“Klean’s support has allowed us to penetrate markets that were otherwise unavailable to us. Your commitment to prompt and professional service is unmatched in your industry and has been integral to our success.”

Matt Jefferies, RWE Group

“Over the years Waste Management has had the opportunity to feature a number of articles by Klean’s managers and staff from broad issue discussions to project-specific expositions. All have made positive contributions to the body of solid waste literature and reflect the breadth of Klean’s expertise in both the waste management and clean energy sectors.”

Gregory Vangote, Waste Management

“Klean’s assistance in articulating a plan that was able to address closing a number of inefficient landfills while creating a dependable regional disposal system was invaluable, especially your firm’s ability to draw a majority of 18 cities into the “Partnership Strategy” created by the plan. You will be pleased to know that 15 cities have entered into long-term waste delivery agreements with the Municipality since the strategic plan was adopted. I also appreciated Klean’s ability to navigate the sometimes treacherous political waters within government and between the municipalities and its cities brings with it a host of socio-economic, environmental, and geographic issues that require clear analysis, quick thinking, and exceptional communication skills. Klean possesses each of those traits.”

Confidential Customer, Europe

“In order to maintain a high level of integrity, the department also retained the services of Klean Industries of Vancouver, British Columbia to assist the Solid Waste Management Division in preparing its cost proposal. The combination of Klean’s procurement experience and recognized C&D knowledge provided the County with the assurance that we were going in the right direction. And we received assistance for each step of the process during this crucial time.”

David Markes, Cleanaway

“We were very pleased with the work product provided by Klean through our Solid Waste Export Plan – Third Party Review. I think the European audience generally felt that the work was thought-provoking and insightful, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamics of the solid waste management field.”

Andjelka Mihajlov, Environment Minister

“As a result of Klean’s financing network, we have been able to expedite market entry into both South America and China. In addition, Klean’s arrangements have also helped us to increase our competitive position from both a technical and financial standpoint and enhance its reputation in the marketplace as a single source supplier”

Confidential Customer, Europe

“We chose KleanLoop to develop our routes using GIS route optimization software because this approach provided a more economic, sophisticated, and faster solution than we could develop in-house. The service gave us valuable access to the Klean Team’s extensive experience in waste collection and advanced route design. Using the KleanLoop allowed us not to worry about the methodology, but rather to focus on the most beneficial routing process.”

Chris Crawford, Bwireless

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated how you and your organization handled the transition from the old thermal plant to the new District Energy System. There were several aspects of the process that were done particularly well. First and foremost the communication from you to us, the customer, was consistently timely and thorough. I absolutely appreciated the customer meetings that you hosted that gave us a voice in the decisions concerning the service interruption schedule. Once a decision had been made to schedule the interruption of service, you always stayed inside your time estimates. That was most impressive and pleasantly surprising. I would also like to commend your engineering staff that I spoke too often throughout the process. They came to and met with me and my maintenance staff and showed us the step-by-step process of shutting ourselves down prior to the service interruption and the reverse process for the restoration of service for both the steam and the chill water. It was very reassuring to know that the Klean Team was out there on the job. In the aftermath of the transition, we have had nothing but flawless service. You can count us as a “satisfied customer”.”

Confidential Customer, USA