Welcome to the Klean Industries video section, on this page we feature links to films and videos of various facilities and plants that use Klean's proven technologies in commercial and industrial settings on both a small and large scale. Some of these facilities are owned and operated by some of the world's largest industries around the globe for the production of alternative energy and the recovery of high-grade resources. We will be updating this page with streaming CCTV webcam connections in the near future please continue to check back.

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Klean Industries - Alternative Energy Channel

We also feature industry-related news and information, we encourage you to visit our YouTube Channels and see what you can learn about us and our industry. Additional third-party videos are shown for educational purposes. These videos are provided solely as a convenience to the viewer. KI is not responsible for the availability or content of these videos and does not endorse any of the products or services in such videos nor the information in such videos.

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Long-form brochures available on request only: Klean Technology Portfolio Overview

If you require more specific technical details on the Klean Industries technology portfolio of systems we require an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to the release of any technical information. If you require financial information on any of Klean Industries' systems, an evaluation form must be completed as no proposals or financial data will be prepared without a completed Project Evaluation Form.

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