For the past 20 years, Klean Industries as a consolidated brand has been pursuing business services in a core range of fields, which can be broadly divided into the 3 key areas:

  1. Cleantech Solutions: Equipment Manufacturing & Packaged Equipment Sales
  2. Alternative Energy: Project Development & Consulting Services
  3. Circular Production: Plant Operations & Product Sales (Resource / Commodity Sales)

Our expertise and capabilities have been acquired through years of corporate acquisitions and active project development. Our network has been cultivated through years of dedicated sector-specific experience. We provide critical services and technology infrastructure in areas such as resource recovery, waste recycling, energy, and power generation.

The KleanTeam is actively developing and proposing various clean technology infrastructure projects around the planet to help with the aim of solving our growing economic needs while also mitigating pressing environmental issues often overlooked throughout various commodity-based supply chains. 

Driven by economic development and new regulations many customers are now in need of our know-how and circular economy expertise for tackling key supply chain issues within critical infrastructure assets to reduce costs and environmental footprints inside essential industrial sectors.

Qualified Experience 

Klean’s primary work is focused on addressing significant business opportunities in the following areas: 

  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Traditional Energy Technologies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Process Engineering & System Design
  • Equipment Design & Manufacturing
  • Site Management & Operations
  • Waste to Energy Consulting & Feasibility Studies
  • Waste Recycling Equipment Selection
  • Waste Management Solutions

This entails the sale of equipment we both manufacture and supply from competent suppliers. Our relationships include bankable engineering partners that are able to deliver packaged units in a pre-assembled format using original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) components. Better performing plants with less cost in a fraction of the time provides significant benefits for our customer’s applications. Our patented processes enable both Klean and our customers to build and develop meaningful projects that have sustainable outcomes for both the financial bottom line and the environment. Each year, the KleanTeam is exposed to a multitude of niche opportunities to build and consult on a vast number of projects for customers around the globe. Specifically, those with a need to ensure an “earth first” perspective when it comes to sourcing and securing a stable and long-term supply of clean energy and sustainable resources.

We also help our customers not only secure and ensure a stable industrial supply of vital resources beyond those considered traditional but also those considered today as alternative resources such as tires, plastics, municipal solid waste, and various other waste feedstocks. In recent years, demand for mineral resources and energy has been rising rapidly, driven by development in emerging countries such as India and China. In pursuing our business we also consider a wide range of circumstances, including environmental issues such as GHG emissions.