Integrated Areas of Business

We pursue business services in a core range of fields, which can be broadly divided into the following areas:

  1. Equipment Manufacturing & Packaged Equipment Sales
  2. Plant Operations & Product Sales (Resource / Commodity Sales)
  3. Project Development & Consulting Services

Our work is focused on addressing business opportunities in the following key industrial sectors:

  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Traditional Energy Technologies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Process Engineering & System Design
  • Equipment Design & Manufacturing
  • Site Management & Operations
  • Waste to Energy Consulting & Feasibility Studies
  • Waste Recycling Equipment Selection
  • Waste Management Solutions

We manufacture equipment, build, develop and consult on numerous projects for customers around the globe who need to secure a stable supply of clean energy. Driven by economic development and new regulations many customers are now in need of our know-how expertise.

We help our customers not only secure and ensure a stable industrial supply of vital resources beyond those considered traditional but also those considered today as alternative resources such as tires, plastics, municipal solid waste, and various other waste feedstocks. In recent years, demand for mineral resources and energy has been rising rapidly, driven by development in emerging countries such as India and China. In pursuing our business we also consider a wide range of circumstances, including environmental issues such as GHG emissions.

Our expertise and capabilities have been acquired through years of active project development. Our network has been cultivated through years of dedicated sector-specific experience. We provide critical services and technology infrastructure in areas such as waste recycling, energy, and power generation. We are developing and proposing various clean technology infrastructure projects around the planet to help solve pressing environmental issues and to meet our growing economic needs.