Sustainable Development Goals

Organizations Involved:
MIT Sloan School of Management, Kodexe, CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics, Goodpack, Tire Manufacturers & Tire Recyclers, Carbon Black Manufacturing Companies, Several Financial Institutions, Carbon Trading Platforms
Energy & Waste Audits, Plant Efficiency Upgrades, Due Diligence Services, Supply Chain Management, Carbon Management

With each new tire pyrolysis recycling project that Klean rolls out, the company will be implementing the patent-pending KleanLoop platform. The KleanLoop is a decentralized system that collects and stores real-time plant processing and operating data that is incorporated into Blockchain. We believe the KleanLoop will transform not only the tire pyrolysis sector; but also the tire manufacturing and recycling sectors.

The KleanLoop is designed to enhance financial transparency in the stewardship of all products used in the tire manufacturing sector. It will also further enhance the visibility of the production and sales of tires and tire-related products.  Additionally, it will provide improved efficiencies in the global tire industry by bringing environmental, social, governance (ESG) to the forefront of the industry; setting the gold standard in environmental compliance and reporting - an integral step toward cleaner water; air, and healthier ecosystems for future generations.

KleanLoop's patented blockchain technology is set to transform the tire waste recycling sector by enhancing transparency, transaction speeds, and ease of access to commodity trading data. Creating symbiosis between one company's waste and feedstock for another company's recycling process; creating circularity within the plastic industry.

Utilizing blockchain; automated data population and AI; KleanLoop's aim is to become the industry-leading resource tracking and trading platform - an integral step towards cleaner water; air and healthier ecosystems for future generations.

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This project addresses the SDGs by taking into account the following goals and associated targets. It contributes to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns by coming up with a sustainable waste treatment framework (Goal 12). Through a safe and inclusive waste disposal system, the SDG strives to protect ecosystems and prevent biodiversity loss (Goal 15).