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Equipment Quotations

Detailed, Finance-Ready Plant Quotations

  • Complete Financial Model
  • Turn-key DBC / EPC & BOP
  • Permitting Advice
  • Avoid start-up mistakes


Sustainable Resouces

Products & Services

  • Recovered Fuel Oils (rFO), Alternative Renewable Diesel
  • Recovered Carbon Blacks (rCB), Nano Carbons
  • Forward Sales Contracts for rCB & rFO
  • Consultations & Industry Specific Reports

Creating Value from Waste

Klean Industries is an international company focused on applying best-of-class green technologies that provide industrial energy and commodity solutions in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner. Our primary focus is on converting high calorific waste streams into valuable commodities which aid in the development and creation of the circular economy.

What We Do

Waste to Energy & Resource Recovery Solutions

We are leaders and innovators in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of advanced thermal treatment facilities. Our projects encompass unique intellectual properties and superior process know-how used to recover clean energy and valuable resources from petroleum-based waste.

What We Provide

Providing Expertise & Technologies for Turn-Key Solutions

We provide consultations, technology design solutions including engineering, procurement, and construction activities for specific projects. As project developers ourselves we possess significant market intelligence you won't find anywhere else. Unlike other technology vendors, we provide our technologies with full performance guarantees and in-house project financing.

How We Work

Proven Track Record. Proven Operating Assets. Proven Economically.

We have refined a three-step process that provides the necessary due diligence for any successful installation of our technologies which includes a detailed quotation, feasibility study to leave no surprises in the project development process. Klean also provides commodity sales services that guarantee each plant has all its output contracted on a long-term basis before the project is even built, that's innovative, cost-effective, and built on decades of experience and success.

Other Services

Independent Project Studies, Technical Due Diligence & Advisory Services

We often conduct independent technical reviews for a multitude of projects around the globe. Working with stakeholders we analyze and brainstorm all possible scenarios, to determine the capital and operating costs of projects. In ensuring that projects are viable, we also perform a life-cycle analysis that includes long-term financing costs, depreciation, and tax effects for both investors and project developers alike.

  • The Klean Team is a breath of fresh air and understands what it takes to make projects a reality – all I can say is…WOW!”

    -Confidential Customer, USA

  • In a fast-tracked procurement process, Klean brought invaluable insight.

    -Patrick Modinar, KGL

  • Klean’s support has allowed us to penetrate markets which were otherwise unavailable to us.

    -Matt Jefferies, RWE Group

  • We have had nothing but flawless service. You can count us as a “satisfied customer”.

    -Confidential Customer, USA

Tire Solutions

The industry leader in waste tire recycling systems utilizing our advanced pyrolysis and resource recovery technologies.

Plastics Solutions

Our Best-in-class plastic pyrolysis liquification technology providing commercial plastic to fuel and chemical recycling solutions.

Municipal Solid Waste Solutions

Advanced thermal treatment waste to energy technologies for the recovery of valuable resources from unsorted household waste.

Digitization & Tokenization of Waste

Using Blockchain technology to transform the waste and energy sectors; enhancing transparency with real-time industry data.