Klean Industries focuses on identifying, reducing, and strategically managing our customers’ carbon footprint. Our services cross customer functional areas of operations (energy, environmental, and transportation), management (leadership), and finance (capital) to provide cost savings, mitigate regulatory impacts, institute operational efficiencies, develop new business opportunities, and drive corporate responsibility and reputation.

These services support our customer’s efforts to address global climate change and become carbon neutral are key indicators and measures of whether an organization is “green” or sustainable. These objectives can be achieved by “greening” energy supplies, implementing opportunities for energy efficiency and resource conservation, using alternative fuels and forms of transportation, sequestering and capturing carbon, and purchasing carbon offsets. Our experience in implementing these solutions has repeatedly shown that customers can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact and save money at the same time.

Climate Change and Strategic Management Consulting

Klean Industries can provide expertise in state and federal climate policy, the Kyoto Protocol and other international policies, voluntary emissions registries, and carbon markets. We work with our customers to minimize the impacts of current and potential legislation on operations and to develop strategies to enhance business opportunities and corporate responsibility through services such as:

  • Emission estimation and regulatory compliance
  • Policy and regulatory expertise
  • Integrated, multi-media risk analysis and management
  • Carbon market analysis
  • Performance assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Adaptation and change management

Inventory Assessment

Klean Industries is developing and implementing cutting-edge greenhouse gas (GHG) measuring and reporting practices for GHG mitigation, inventory, auditing, verification, and certification services. We offer inventory assessment and certification services that include:

  • Carbon and GHG inventory and verification
  • Carbon, GHG, and renewable energy credit certification
  • Carbon footprint and reductions registry
  • Benchmarking
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Asset development

Reduction & Management

Klean Industries is reducing its customers’ carbon footprint. We have consistently demonstrated the ability to optimize operations and generate cost savings across the energy, transportation, and environmental aspects of our customers’ operations. In 2006 alone, Klean Industries saved its customers millions in operational costs—with more than half of the savings coming from no and low-cost opportunities. We bring an integrated, systematic approach to maximizing existing and underused assets at our customers’ facilities. Our services in this area encompass:

  • Energy audits and efficiency retrofits
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Renewable energy
  • Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • Green procurement and supply-side responsibility
  • Sustainable design and LEED (r)
  • Transportation, alternative fuels, and biofuels
  • Carbon capture
  • Carbon sequestration evaluation and management
  • Emission and renewable energy credits

Project Implementation

Klean Industries brings the proven ability to support all aspects of design, construction, and operation. We deliver world-class expertise across the full range of carbon reduction services, including green building design, wind energy, water, biofuels, and energy management projects. Our services include:

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance
  • Siting and permitting
  • Installation
  • Design/build
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Finance
  • Turnkey solutions

Business Development

A carbon-constrained world requires new thinking and new approaches to reduce your company’s carbon intensity. Klean Industries excels at bringing together technology and people to drive behavior change, optimize processes, improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and generate cost savings and new revenue. Global climate change requires investment, action, and results. It also provides new opportunities to differentiate oneself in the corporate and world market places through initiatives such as:

  • Asset management and monetization
  • Carbon and GHG trading
  • Power generation
  • New customer markets, products, and services
  • Corporate responsibility and image