The KleanTeam has been designing and building recycling plants and furnace reactor components for 6 decades and has sold hundreds of waste processing plants to customers worldwide. In order to do this, we need to be able to provide large volumes of spare and wear parts to these customers worldwide. In dealing with the large inventory of high-quality and consumable parts we are able to do this at a cost that is market competitive, and with delivery times second to none without sacrificing on parts quality. 

Plant downtime is a necessary part of planned maintenance however it is the unnecessary and unscheduled downtime that hurts your financial bottom line, and which must be avoided at all costs. Having cost-effective spares is a critical part of what Klean and its partners offer our customers.

After-Sales Services offers

•    Spare / wear part contracts - avoid losing valuable production time on waiting for spare parts.
•    Service and support on new and existing equipment - planned or ad hoc.
•    Service contracts - to keep your production running without sudden interruptions.

The best and most effective maintenance plans are those that are done on a continuous basis and with all large investments, it is a critical part of operational planning for the long run. We have customers who have successfully operated plants in excess of 25 years, in fact, as an example one of our reference waste-to-energy plants has been operating since 1988, that’s 33 years of well-maintained operations. 

After-Sales Services

  • We know your equipment! Since we designed, built, and installed your equipment, we know what you need and when. Why make it harder than it has to be?
  • We always have your critical parts in stock. Since we always have your spare and wear parts in stock we can ship day today, and you do not have to wait for months to start production again. If you want to ensure minimal downtime, we can offer you flexible spare part contracts.
  • We can offer you competitive prices. Since we are ready to serve all our customers with necessary parts, we order larger quantities, and therefore can keep prices down.
  • We supply you with the original, highest quality. Like with any other investment, regular maintenance is the key to keep up quality long term. Always go for original quality.

To minimize the risk of lengthy spare parts delivery periods and resulting in costly equipment downtime, we also have an established network of partners/distributors worldwide hold large quantities of spare parts. Where possible we always use readily available, standard specification parts (such as bearings, belts, motors, gearboxes, bolts, etc.) in the manufacture of our equipment. This feature guarantees long-term parts availability throughout the life cycle of the equipment, regardless of location.

We encourage our customers to hold supplies of basic backup and consumable spares on-site with their equipment. Holding spares on-site maximizes plant uptime and thus increases the efficiency of your plant and equipment.

Time is money - reduce your downtime by contacting us today » GO.