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Vancouver, Canada - Congratulations, Klean Industries is pleased to announce the nomination of Klean Industries for the 2007 BC Export Awards.

Klean Industries is honored by the nomination submitted by Alcan for recognizing Klean Industries and its achievements for the second year in a row.

The 2007 BC Export Awards recognize the innovative approaches and unique contributions of British Columbia export companies across all sectors and in all regions of the province, as well as the individuals who contribute to their success. Companies that won an award last year are not eligible to win the same award this year but are strongly encouraged to enter a different category.

For more information on the 2007 BC Export Awards, please visit, www.bcexportawards.com or follow this link to the Award Categories section, click here.

Klean Industries has been specifically nominated for the Sustainability Award listed below.

Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Award recognizes companies in BC that export and have shown leadership in integrating the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainability into their internal management practices and that promote the principles of sustainability.


To be eligible the organization or individual must be in a private company or not-for-profit organization in BC with demonstrated sustainability capabilities and have played a significant role in exporting.

Selection Criteria

The successful nominees will have the following attributes, namely:

  • Publicly recognized by their peers in the industry and the general public of BC as leading efforts to promote exports in the province.
  • Demonstrated vision and entrepreneurship by taking risks and managing for the future.
  • Seen as an innovator who thinks outside the box and who motivates and inspires others with their efforts.
  • Has worked for the betterment of people and the industry.

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