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Klean provides its’ customers with world-class product services, cutting-edge technology, and quality workmanship. Klean Industries continues to focus on new technology innovations, and product development, thus adding a competitive edge through our research, development, & production teams. 

With an ever-growing demand on our eco-system and a changing global climate, developing sustainable ecology models of commerce is an everyday focus for Klean Industries. A central component of Klean Industries’ campaign is to build strategic partnerships with universities, research institutions, and private industry to solve our unmet environmental and energy needs to drive future growth for the Company.

An example of this effort includes Klean Industries offering sponsorship to universities involved in global climate and clean energy projects. We believe in a long-term research collaboration that includes many universities, research institutions, and private industry leaders. Our idea in this regard developed in 2003 and we believe our ongoing projects connect scientific researchers who are committed to sustainable development that will lower greenhouse gas emissions and promote a cleaner, healthier environment.

In addition to offering support, Klean Industries researchers are lending their extensive expertise and knowledge of energy systems to specific research initiatives as well. Specific technical areas being covered include hydrogen, solar energy, biomass energy, advanced combustion, CO2 capture and separation, CO2 storage, energy storage, and advanced materials and catalysts.

In partnership with technology partners, research centers such as the Aomori Ecological Recycle Industrial Association in Japan started manufacturing a road de-icing agent that employs large amounts of scallop shells generated as a seafood processing by-product in Aomori Prefecture. It started production in March 2007 and plans to process 6,000 tons of scallop shells annually.

These scientists continue to work on innovation breakthroughs and bring our technology developments closer to our customers. Aomori Prefecture is one of Japan’s major scallop-producing areas and discards about 50,000 tons of scallop shells as industrial waste every year. Industry, academic, and government researchers joined forces to help promote the regional industry by employing this underutilized biomass resource. Aomori Industrial Research Center, Joy World Pacific Co., New Land Development Lab., Aomori Ecological Recycle Industrial Association, and Kitasato University together developed the new de-icing agent.

Aomori Prefecture gets a lot of snow, and chlorine-based de-icers such as calcium chloride have been used to de-ice roads. These agents pose a risk to the local ecosystem, whereas the newly developed scallop shell de-icer is non-chlorine-based and eco-friendly, raising hopes that it can help solve current ecological problems caused by conventional de-icers.

To see how Klean Industries technologies are being applied to developing environmentally friendly, cost-effective resource recovery systems for the scallop-producing areas in Japan please click here.


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