Climate Change - Fact or Fiction

I am still actually amazed that this is a topic for discussion among industry and energy professionals such as people like us. People seem to be missing the big picture, and I am quite mystified. The bottom line is regardless if you are for climate change or against climate change – it’s really a moot point as I think we can all agree things are changing environmentally? 

As industry professionals we have always set goals for ourselves in terms of personal achievement whether that’s to be recognized as an industry leader in the Fortune 500 or simply to close a few more sales contracts each year or whatever it may be, I am sure you get the idea. 

The key point here is that by setting goals we have something to work towards and without our goals, we just plunder along, individually or collectively. We can all agree that to date no unanimously perfect accord has been struck between all countries that fundamentally works for all countries but with that being said I’m sure we can agree that something needs to be done that creates a level playing field for every country. 

Would it not be beneficial for all living species to have such a target or goal in place? Let’s face the facts and be realistic, we may not achieve 100% of the goals we set out to achieve in the first place but where will we be if we do not set any such goals is the question, regardless if they are met or not met? 

Our future will be the success and results of our ability to cost-effectively translate inventions and innovations into marketable products and solutions or, in other words, to be innovative. I believe the same innovative spirit is at the heart of each individual on this network. 

Fundamentally with goals and targets in place, it’s what we learn and achieve over the next few years that will critically change how we live and view the world as we know it. The things we learn during this time will obviously give us a better understanding of how and why there is no reason we cannot radically change how we do things on this planet as we have the technologies that exist today to do far more with far less. 

If we holistically consider how everything can be integrated, just as it is in nature, we can create more prosperity throughout the business chain. Better business ethics, a better environment, less pollution, more profit, fewer costs, more jobs, smoother production, and more prosperity for all living things. 

The key here is that financial prosperity is an end product of embarking down a greener pathway. This is not some pipe dream of future sustainability that is something for the next generations to consider – we created the vast majority of the problems we have today and we have the ability to completely rethink them and for the most part, remediate them if we took our heads out of the sand. 

I believe we all want to contribute to the improvement of the environment for all living things on earth and to collectively create and develop an environmentally conscious sustainable society. So let’s focus on that rather than pointless debates on “Climate Change – Fact or Fiction” are we not beyond this in the new decade of 2010? 

Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

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