National Industrial Symbiosis Program ("NISP") Develops Symbiosis with Klean Industries

Klean Industries Inc., a member since 2005 of the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (“NISP”) has now begun building out its tyre pyrolysis project in the Midlands, UK. Over the past few years, NISP has assisted Klean in developing a multitude of symbiotic industrial relationships that have committed to using its recovered raw materials in their industrial processes. To date, Klean has self-funded its entire project development cycle and has invested heavily into the development of its UK project. Klean anticipates its new plant will be entering hot trials and believes will be fully operational on its tyre pyrolysis plant site by the end of 2012.

This proven Japanese technology breaks whole tyres down continuously into; steel, refined nano-carbon black, purified diesel oil, and clean syngas without producing any waste what-so-ever. Initially, all diesel oil will be sold on the open market on a “take or pay” basis with a local and highly recognized industrial end-user, and syngas will be used to generate clean electricity for the national grid, while the upgraded nano carbon black will be used to make new rubber products, and the high tensile steel will be recycled into rebar. 

Klean’s UK project will process 35,000 tonnes of scrap automotive tyres annually. The planned facility is being designed using the latest ISO environmental standards and will be incorporating LEED status designs. This facility will be a groundbreaking plant and a major milestone for the United Kingdom in closed-loop resource recovery applications using waste tyres as the primary feedstock. The facility will also be integrated with the Environmental Engineering Apprenticeship Programme opportunity which is supported by The University of Brighton and Waste & Energy Research Group. In partnership with Dr. Marie Harder our group training provider, we will soon be undertaking recruitment, selection, and interviewing as well as providing mentoring throughout the program.


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