Tell the FCC to Comply With the Court Order and Justify Its Outdated Wireless Exposure Guidelines

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must comply with the 2021 court order requiring the agency to consider thousands of scientific studies and justify its outdated wireless radiation exposure guidelines — that have not been updated in over 28 years!

For nearly three years since Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its landmark case against the FCC in 2021, the FCC has refused to comply with a court order requiring the agency to explain why its 1996 wireless exposure guidelines still adequately protect humans and the environment against the harmful effects of radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure.

After CHD submitted 11,000 pages of scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful health effects of RF radiation exposure — especially in children since they absorb far more radiation than adults — the court held that the FCC failed to consider:

  • the non-cancer evidence of adverse health effects related to wireless technology,
  • the environmental impacts of RF radiation,
  • the impact of RF radiation on children,
  • the health implications of long-term exposure to RF radiation, and
  • the ubiquity of wireless devices and other technological developments that have occurred since the Commission last updated its guidelines.

The FCC’s 1996 RF radiation exposure guidelines are based on what is referred to as the “thermal-only paradigm” — the notion that RF radiation can only be harmful if it raises the temperature of human tissue by an arbitrary amount. The thermal-only paradigm is deeply flawed and has been repeatedly disproven by thousands of scientific studies showing a wide range of serious health effects occurring at levels well below thermal levels.

The FCC acts as a “revolving door” for industry lobbyists and prioritizes advancing telecom interests over public safety. Despite the court order, the FCC has further advanced the rapid and virtually unregulated rollout of wireless technologies and infrastructure, including Fifth Generation Wireless Networks (5G).

Take action today and advocate for wireless safety and children’s health by urging the FCC to comply with the 2021 court order and update their outdated RF radiation exposure guidelines. Your voice can make a difference!

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