Panasonic to Elimimate 300K Tons of Emissions from its Manufacturing Activities

Tokyo, Japan – Panasonic aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 7.5 percent at its manufacturing operations by 2010, the company announced Friday.

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The move is part of the company’s “GP3” three-year business plan that sets benchmarks for steady growth and profitability. It plans to wipe out 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions from its 294 worldwide manufacturing plants to 3.98 million tons in fiscal 2010, compared to the 2007 level of 3.98 million tons.

In fiscal 2011, it plans to reduce CO2 emissions further to 3.6 million tons, the 2001 level.

The company also will include emissions levels to its critical management indicators beginning in fiscal 2009. The indicators include sales, operating profit and inventory.

It also has established an environmental performance system to collect 23 performance data items, such as water and energy consumption.

The company also released its “Eco Ideas Declaration,” which includes three initiatives. Panasonic will hasten the development of energy-saving technologies in products while eliminating those with poor energy-efficiency.

It will lower emissions from all worldwide activities, including product planning, procurement, sales, logistics and recycling. Panasonic also will encourage environmental activities in local and global communities.

Panasonic is owned by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., based on Osaka, Japan.

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