Moser Baer to Set Up World's Largest Nano Thin Film Solar Plant

Moser Baer announced that it will set up the world’s largest Thin Film solar fab to achieve new cost benchmarks. The company has entered into a technology partnership with the US based Applied Materials, Inc, the global leader in nano manufacturing technology solutions for the electronics industry. This enables Moser Baer to have a first mover advantage in the manufacture of large area Thin Film modules.

This investment should qualify for government incentives under the recently announced IT and semiconductor policy.

Thin film solar modules are ideal for energy farms, rural applications and Builiding Integrated Photovoltaic markets. Photovoltaic modules based on large area Thin Film technology bring cost parity between solar generation and grid power. According to market estimates, the Thin Film based solar modules will see large emerging applications and a robust demand that is expected to grow ten fold; from 250 MW currently to 2GW with a market size of $5 bn by 2010.

According to Mr. Ravi Khanna, CEO, Moser Baer Photo Voltaic, “Leaders in the photovoltaic industry will emerge on the strengths of rapid scale up and technology differentiation. We believe that Moser Baer with its experience in deposition technology and high tech manufacturing is poised to emerge as a global leader in this rapidly growing market. ”

Union Minister for Science & technology Mr. Kapil Sibal said, “Providing affordable renewable sources of energy is paramount in this century. In a high energy demand country like India with abundant sunlight, affordable photovoltaic generation will be key to sustaining our growth. The recently announced IT and semiconductor fab policy is a major step by the Government of India in providing a much needed impetus to this industry.”

According to Dr. Mark Pinto, CTO of Applied Materials, Inc., “We are excited to have this contract from Moser Baer and look forward to working with them on implementing a technology roadmap for higher efficiency modules; their extensive experience in high volume manufacturing will be key to enabling cost reduction. India holds tremendous potential both as a worldwide hub for solar panel production and as an end market for photovoltaic electric power.”

The technology partnership will enable a synergy between Moser Baer’s manufacturing and technology strength, its European R&D lab and Applied Material, Inc.’s process and equipment development expertise. The combined capabilities bring scale economies to this industry by manufacturing thin film modules that are four times larger than current modules, making it a disruptive technology that provides a road map to sub-dollar per watt costs.

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