Kyoto City Launches Green Power Certification System to Promote Solar Power

The Miyako Agenda21 Forum–an environmental partnership organization established by Kyoto City in collaboration with its citizens, businesses and surrounding local municipalities–announced on October 12, 2007 the launch of Kyoto’s original “Miyako Green Power Certification System.” The system aims to promote “local production for local consumption” of solar power as a way of helping curb global warming. According to the organization, the first project certified under the system will be the Kyoto Hanatoro, illumination and flower sight-seeing events that are to be held annually at Arashiyama Area in December and Higashiyama Area in March, respectively.

The Forum sells “Certificates of Green Power” at 10 yen (about 9 cents) per kilowatt hour to events held by businesses, associations and municipal governments in the Kyoto City area, and trades them for environmental values such as carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction. The organization issues “Miyako Green Power Certificates” and authorizes the use of their logo to businesses. Companies holding the certificates have to bear some additional costs but can publicize themselves as environment-friendly and improve their corporate images.

Proceeds from sales of the certificates will be pooled in a Sunshine Fund for promoting photovoltaic (PV) power plant installation. The Kyoto Green Fund, a non-profit organization, has been installing “Sunshine” PV power plants since March 2001, and the tenth plant began operation in May 2007 (see details in the related JFS articles).

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