Goodyear launches industry’s first tire with carbon black from methane pyrolysis

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear) has introduced a new tread formulation for its ElectricDrive GT tire, specifically designed for electric vehicles. The tire features a specialized tread compound that enhances all-season traction and incorporates Monolith carbon black produced through methane pyrolysis. Monolith is a global leader in commercial-scale carbon black and hydrogen production using the methane pyrolysis process. This collaboration between Monolith and Goodyear marks a significant step towards achieving zero-emissions carbon black in tire manufacturing.

Carbon black plays a crucial role in tire production by providing strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance. While traditional carbon black is derived from the combustion of fossil fuel oils, Monolith’s plasma-based process utilizes renewable electricity to perform methane pyrolysis. This process splits the methane molecule into carbon and hydrogen without the need for combustion, resulting in a sustainable carbon black output.

Goodyear emphasizes its commitment to innovation and sustainability by working closely with suppliers like Monolith to incorporate sustainable materials into their products without compromising performance and safety. The use of Monolith carbon black in the ElectricDrive GT tire exemplifies this collaborative approach.

The ElectricDrive GT tire offers long-lasting tread wear, a quiet ride, and features Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology® to reduce road noise. It is available for purchase on Goodyear’s website and is well-suited for vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3.

Goodyear plans to explore expanding the use of Monolith carbon black in other product lines in the future. Additionally, the company intends to continue researching new technologies with Monolith, including the use of carbon black derived from methane obtained from waste sources.

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