Ford, Boeing, Apple Included in 'The Toxic Ten'

Oakland, USA – In “The Toxic Ten,” Condé Nast Portfolio goes beyond the daily green announcements from companies and looks at some of the biggest U.S. corporations with the worst environmental records.

The list is a mish-mash of companies from all sectors pumping pollution into the earth and air, belching greenhouse gas emissions and putting out toxic products. The magazine gathered information from government agencies, environmental groups, court records and the corporations themselves.

While most of the companies say they are working to clean up their acts or cite the good they have done so far, Portfolio says, “These are merely companies that we think could be doing better, given their resources and position in their industries.”

Southern Co. gets included for running six of the country’s dirtiest power plants according to the Environmental Integrity Project, which looks at releases of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury.

While acknowledging some of Ford Motor Co.’s green initiatives - being the first U.S. carmaker to put out a hybrid SUV, topping a production plant with a green roof - Portfolio points out where the company also falters - having one of the worst fleetwide gas-mileage ratings and producing the inefficient F-150 at the green roof-covered plant.

Boeing gets included partly because of what it isn’t doing: making data on its carbon emissions public.

And Apple, the only technology company on the list, is chided for its limited computer take-back program and including polyvinyl chloride and brominates flame retardants in the iPhone.

Portfolio’s environmental coverage also includes a brief look at what it considers the greenest 11 corporations, including such varied entities as Bank of America, General Electric, Starbucks, Whole Foods and Wal-Mart.

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