EPA urges waste tyre industry to be on the right track

Tracking waste tyres is now mandatory in Victoria.  Mark Rossiter, Executive Director, Environment Protection Authority Victoria, explains.

Victoria produces up to 113,400 tonnes of waste tyres each year and it’s important they’re managed safely. 

Waste tyres are now considered reportable priority waste under Victorian Law and special provisions within the Environment Protection Act 2017 (EP Act) apply when storing, moving, or further processing them.

On 12 February 2022, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) laid charges against a Balwyn North company over stockpiles of waste tyres. 

“Stockpiled tyres can create an unacceptable fire risk,” says Mark Rossiter Executive Director.

“EPA and the Victorian community have a no-tolerance approach to businesses that allow that to happen and we have been actively inspecting. Most businesses will already be doing the right thing and EPA will take action where necessary to ensure proper regulation of the waste tyre industry.”

Waste tyres are a special category of reportable priority waste that require movements to be tracked using EPA’s Waste Tracker system. Mark says that Waste Tracker helps all businesses and individuals handling waste tyres to meet their obligations under legislation and get waste tyres to a lawful place. 

Waste Tracker

Waste Tracker is a secure online system that captures the volume and category of waste, its source, transport arrangements, and reuse, recycling or lawful disposal of the waste. It is free to use and accessible via mobile app or EPA’s website. 

Mark says using Waste Tracker is also mandatory for those producing, transporting or receiving reportable priority waste such as waste tyres.

“Using Waste Tracker is a legal requirement,” he says. “It also provides waste producers and handlers with confidence that their activities are not harming our environment and that they comply with the EP Act. 

“Inspections occur every day across Victoria, so ensure you’re meeting your obligations.” 

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