Carbon Market North America

To help you keep up with the increasing pace of carbon market developments in the United States and Canada, Point Carbon is pleased to provide you with the latest issue of our FREE publication, Carbon Market North America. This biweekly newsletter covers the major developments related to the carbon markets in North America, as well as guest commentaries by analysts and market participants.

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In this issue of Carbon Market North America:

*California unveils plan to reduce emissions
*EPA to open discussion on regulating GHG emissions
*Georgia state judge halts construction of coal-fired plant
*Energy department seeks CCS projects for $1.3 billion investment
*Western governors to discuss climate change policy
*RGGI pre-compliance trade brokered; Barclays launches new tradable carbon product
*Pennsylvania budget includes $650 million alternative energy fund
*British Columbia outlines plan to reach GHG reduction goal
*Tax necessary to prepare Canadians for carbon constraints: MP
*Global carbon market news
*Guest commentary by Hannah Bentley, McCormick Kidman & Behrens LLP

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