Athlete Deaths – Finding Humanity Beyond the Numbers

The athletes who have been harmed or killed by Covid-19 injections represent a very visible tip of a vast iceberg, most of which lies relatively unnoticed beneath the surface.

I just can’t be complicit in murdering and killing people and not saying nothing.
It’s just not in me. How could you stand over the coffin of a 30-year-old man
and watch his missus and his kids crying their hearts out,
knowing what’s happened and saying nothing.
I can’t do it. I can’t do it. Not even once.

John O’Looney, Funeral Director

Does nobody care?

The well-worn statement, ‘The silence is deafening’, doesn’t begin to express the mix of disbelief, devastation, agony, and rage felt by millions of people whose lives and hopes have been destroyed due to serious injury or bereavement experienced as a result of the gene-based Covid-19 injections. One community that has been unexpectedly hard-hit is athletes.

For those experiencing this devastation, the lack of acknowledgement, compassion, responsiveness, and support from governments, media, and even in some cases family and friends, has been inexplicable. What has happened to humanity? Is human life no longer of any consequence? Have we been numbed by numbers to the realities of each individual touched by myriad losses – of health and wholeness, of everyday capabilities, of being able to continue with studies, career, or community involvements, of financial security, of a loved one … or of life itself?

Honestly, doesn’t anybody care?

Why focus on athletes?

This article returns to a topic that has been highlighted numerous times since the rollout of the gene-based Covid injections: the massive rise in injuries and deaths among athletes representing numerous sporting codes. These compilations (hereherehere, and here) give a hint of the magnitude of the resultant human suffering that cannot be conveyed by bald statistics. 

There are a few reasons for choosing to focus on this group:

  • Firstly, excessive numbers of athletes should NOT be collapsing (and often dying) on the field of play. Most of them are relatively young; extremely fit, strong, and metabolically healthy; and have great stamina. Many are ‘at the top of their game’. None of this predisposes them to dying ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’. 

  • Physically, this group represents the opposite of those who proved to be most susceptible to Covid-19 disease: the elderlyobese, and people with co-morbidities and poor metabolic health. Nobody needed the gene-based injections, least of all athletes, but most took them due to mandates (see, for example, here and here), restrictions placed on the ‘unvaccinated’, the desire to return to training and competition, or because they believed it was ‘the right thing to do’. 

  • Another reason for focusing on athletes is that it is very difficult to hide these adverse events, many of which take place in front of large stadium- and television audiences. These events result in much speculation as to the cause, and – prior to a clampdown on this information – it was fairly easy to determine from institutional mandates and media/social media records whether or not the person had received a covid injection. 

  • Also, studies conducted into athlete deaths prior to 2020 provide a benchmark with which to compare deaths since Covid-19 and the rollout of the injections. 

The athletes who have been harmed or killed by these injections represent a very visible tip of a vast iceberg, most of which lies relatively unnoticed beneath the surface. Their stories help to draw attention to an issue that is affecting millions of ‘ordinary people’ whose injuries or deaths never make the news.

Three footballers collapse within a single week!

As if to prove that this issue is not going away, this short video was forwarded to me while I was gathering information for this article. The caption read:

Three professional football players collapse on the pitch mid-game, live on TV, in the space of a week. “World football, unfortunately, has been subject to so many distressing scenes on the pitch over the last few years.”

  • Egypt: Modern Future FC forward, Ahmed Refaat, collapsed in a match against Ittihad on Monday 11th March. According to a statement from his club, Refaat’s “heart stopped for more than an hour, despite all resuscitation attempts”.

  • South Africa: Orlando Pirates midfielder, Makhehlene Makhaula, collapsed in a match against Hungry Lions on Saturday 16th March, “after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath”.

  • Argentina: Estudiantes de la Plata midfielder, Javier Altamirano, suffered a seizure in a match against Boca Juniors on Sunday 17th March.

It’s not happening, ‘experts’ say

Despite the unprecedented number of athletes collapsing unexpectedly – from children at school to an Olympic swimmer – the media continues to mobilise its army of fact-checkers (e.g. to deny, obfuscate, gaslight, and smear those who ask questions, point out the obvious, or express their distress. Even scientific journals are complicit in the cover-up (see, for instance, here and here).


The media’s response to speculation surrounding the collapse of American football player Damar Hamlin in January 2023 was swift and categorical.

One of the most questionable responses to the unprecedented rise in sudden cardiac deaths in children, was a British Heart Foundation promotional video shown on the BBC that appeared to suggest that heart attacks in children are normal. An article on Olive Tree News that drew attention to this travesty has, like many posts that question the official narrative, since been taken down. 

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And in January 2023 The Atlantic countered the concerns of people they dubbed ‘anti-vaccine influencers’ by insisting that, “Jonathan Drezner, a sports-medicine physician who studies sudden deaths in athletes, … was ‘not aware of any COVID-19 vaccine-related athletic death.’” 

This denialism is unconscionable.

The article went on to quote The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, stating that they had identified 13 medical deaths during football-related activities in 2021, and 14  in 2019. According to them, “These incidents remain tragic and scarce.”

Tragic indeed … but scarce? 

Definitely not! 

UK football legend Matt Le Tissier observes:

It’s not rare, let me tell you … I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve played for 17 years. I never saw one person in 17 years have to come off the football pitch with breathing difficulties, clutching their heart …

And soccer fan Darren Smith agrees: 

… since 2021, collapses both on the field and in the stands have become a regular, distressing experience for football fans. On average, we have been seeing about one collapse per week, but the media, government and sports pundits are always ‘baffled’, ‘puzzled’, and ‘totally in the dark’ about what could be causing these medical problems … 

The Real Science website has been maintaining a growing list of “mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022/2023 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines.” During those three years they processed 2,100 reports, 1,474 (70%) of which were people who had died, representing an average of about 490 deaths per year

The graph below displays the number of collapses and deaths between January 2021 and August 2023. As the public started making the connection between athlete deaths and jab status, however, “clubs, families, media and governments started hiding vaccination status.”

Athlete collapses and deaths between 1 January 2021 and 31 August 2023

By way of comparison, between 1996 and 2004 research by the International Olympic Committee identified 1,101 sudden cardiac deaths among athletes, or an average of 29 per year. These deaths were “predominantly caused by pre-existing congenital cardiac abnormalities.” As a result of these findings, professional athletes are now screened and those with congenital abnormalities are not allowed to participate. This should have resulted in a reduction in the annual death rate. 

Some other cause must therefore be responsible for this massive increase in sudden cardiac deaths. Myocarditis – or inflammation and scarring of the heart muscle – has been identified as a common underlying cause. But what has been causing this damage, even in children? 

Blaming it on Covid

As the number of sudden cardiac deaths in athletes has risen, it has become impossible to hide the phenomenon, and Covid-19 has become the most respectable scapegoat in mainstream studies and articles. 

However, esteemed scientists such as cardiologist Dr Peter Mc Cullough, paediatric cardiologist Dr Kirk Milhoan, the late pathologist Prof. Arne Burkhardt, and clinical endocrinologist Dr Flavio Cadegiani have identified vaccine-derived spike protein as the main cause of myocarditis, with adrenalin surges during exertion being the trigger for collapse. 

Their work has been largely ignored by mainstream scientists, with spike protein not even being mentioned as a potential cause of the rise in sudden cardiac deaths in this study. Furthermore, in an NBC News ‘Today’ segment from 9 February 2023, senior medical correspondent Dr John Torres declared: “Stay up to date on your vaccinations. Research shows that you’re 11 times more likely to develop myocarditis from COVID itself versus the vaccine.”

If Covid-19 causes Myocarditis, why did reports surge in 2021? Could something else be responsible? Source: Dr Kirk Milhoan’s presentation, Health Conference Ireland, 8 August 2022

Possibly in an attempt to inject some ironic humor into the flow of news, this meme generated a deluge of denials from fact-checkers. The prank suggests that people have become so accustomed to absurd explanations that they now accept obvious satire as news!

Beyond a world built on lies

What are we to make of ongoing efforts to deny the obvious reason for the tragic injuries and deaths of so many (mainly young) athletes worldwide? And how do we respond? 

Actually, it is becoming apparent that many more people than we suppose are seeing through the establishment lies, which are becoming increasingly desperate and shrill. To confirm this, just check the comments under online posts and videos concerning this topic. People are tired of attempts to force us into a post-truth, anti-human future. After four years of ‘the new abnormal’ many of us are clearer about the world we DO NOT want … and also about the Better Way we know we can create together. 

It feels like we’re in a David-and-Goliath struggle – the ‘little people’ facing up to a towering, blustering, globalitarian giant. But as that ancient story reminds us, humanity has faced challenging times before, and has prevailed. 

What are your ‘five smooth stones’?

In David’s case, it took five smooth stones to fell the giant. Can you imagine how absurd his arsenal must have looked at the time? But motivated by love for his community, faith in God, and hope for a better future, he accepted the responsibility and stepped forward with courage … and the rest, as they say, is history.


Let us be motivated by love for our communities – in particular those who are suffering as a result of the brutal measures of the past four years. And let us choose our five stones wisely, representing the foundation stones of the future we choose to create together.

My five smooth stones are Compassion, Courage, Wisdom, Humour, and Naturalness. 

What are yours?

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