ANRPC releases Natural Rubber Trends April 2021

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) recently released Natural Rubber Trends for April 2021.

According to ANRPC, the world production of natural rubber (NR) marked at 903,000 tons, while the world demand of NR recorded at 1.129 million tons during April 2021 on a year-to-year basis. Despite the favorable fundamental in NR industry, the price of futures and physical markets were relatively volatile compared to last month and posted a “V” trend.

The alarming worries from the infectivity rates of Covid-19 around the world, several countries have imposed different level of lockdown to fight with the pandemic. This may result to delay in resuming the economic activities completely for full recovery due to health concerns.

Moreover, other uncertainties may arise from geopolitical tensions, trade war and other pressing issues, as commodity market is relatively sensitive to the global development, ANRPC says.

Press release by ANRPC.

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