Pathway to Happiness!

Happiness is Created Through Self Awareness - Self Awareness is the Path to Self Mastery - Self Mastery is the Way to Happiness

It’s all about Happiness

Once we meet our basic physical needs of food, shelter, and comfort our life becomes about maximizing happiness. We seek more meaningful work in order to feel happier. We pursue and nurture relationships so we can experience happiness and love with other people. We work for financial independence in order to do more of the things that we enjoy. We might also assist others to alleviate unhappiness in their life through volunteering or charity work. The essence of our pursuits is to increase and enhance the physical and emotional pleasure of life. It can be summed up as the pursuit of happiness.

The challenge is that we often get lost or turned around on our path. We become disappointed as people turn out not to be who we thought. Sometimes that includes our self. Exciting careers lead to disappointment, disillusionment, and burnout. For some people physical challenges or loss of a loved one causes them to completely revaluate what makes them happy and is important with the time they have.

The Path to Happiness Crossroads

When it comes time to evaluate the direction of your life it may be wise to consider how your mind affects choices you make. Your mind is filled with assumptions, beliefs, and expectations of what will make you happy. These have been collected over years, both consciously, and unconsciously. They affect and even determine our choices in a way that we may not be aware. These assumptions and false beliefs often lead us down roads to disappointment, frustration, and other emotional reactions. Even the beliefs that we agreed to consciously in the past about what would make us happy might not be true any more. What made us happy when we were in our 20’s may not do it for us in our 30’s. What made us happy in our 30’s may not make us happy in our 40’s.

We change, our world changes, and yet our mind so often tries to stay the same. People in a mid-life crisis let their mind lead them in an attempt to recapture their youth. Or rather the beliefs of their youth. A relationship becomes unhappy or even abusive and our mind clings to the joy of the beginning days coated with fairy dust. The beliefs in our mind of hope keeps us trapped in loops of emotional drama and dissatisfaction. Only by clearing our mind of false beliefs and assumptions can we see ourselves and other people more clearly. By freeing ourselves from the limiting paradigms of old beliefs we have a new opportunity to make better choices.

Awareness of the mind and how to direct its thoughts, beliefs and emotions, opens new avenues of possibility. Your life becomes vastly different when you are the one directing your mind instead of letting it direct you.

Change Your Core Beliefs and You Change Your Emotions

When you express love, acceptance, and respect, you create happiness within. When you express judgments, fear, jealousy, and anger you experience emotional chaos. The challenge is to master your emotional expression. You are the only one who can determine the thoughts you think, the words that come out of your mouth, and the emotions you create. Your thoughts, choices and interpretations you make are based in your core beliefs. When you change your core beliefs you change the emotional quality of your life.

The power to change your life and create happiness resides with you. No one else can change what you believe and what you express. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Self awareness is the Key to Change and Lasting Happiness

The first step in changing the way you create your life is self awareness. You can not expect to change what you are not aware of. Self awareness provides the clarity to choose whether you express emotions of love or express emotions out of reactions of fear. Self awareness provides the possibility to catch your self in that moment prior to saying something destructive or even thinking a negative thought. Self awareness is the means to identify your unconscious patterns and raise them in your consciousness so they can be changed. It is through self awareness that you identify and change the underlying core beliefs that drive destructive behaviors and create happiness.

Self Awareness is Different than Book Knowledge

Self Awareness is largely a function of perception and observation. It can not be learned like academic subjects that fill the mind with knowledge. It can not be learned from books that give us more information to think about and has us noticing less about ourselves, and the world. Increasing awareness has more to do with emptying the mind of knowledge so we can see ourselves and life more clearly.

Self Awareness Is Developed Through Exercises and Practices

The audio program in Self Mastery provides a series of practical and easy to implement exercises for developing self awareness that enable youself to:

  • Identify and Change Core False Beliefs in Your Mind
  • Control Emotional Reactions that Create a Roller Coaster of Chaos
  • Recover and Develop Personal Power
  • Create Love and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Feel Peace and Joy Within
“I think the audio course is excellent. I love the way it’s highly practical and very little philosophy. I will be looking forward to a second series!” - David R. Researcher for Change Management

Change the False Beliefs in Your Mind

Emotional reactions usually stem from your assumptions about how life “ought to be” not from actual events. You create assumptions about people, relationships, business deals, and stocks you invest in. Your false assumptions (beliefs) become the set up to future emotional reactions. Awareness provides the presence of mind to see the assumptions and false beliefs before you invest in them. Clarity allows you to perceive what is really happening instead of following the false beliefs of your mind.

Stop the Emotional Roller Coaster of Reactions

When you no longer live by the false beliefs in your mind you no longer have unnecessary emotional reactions. You can get off the emotional roller coaster that has taken you for a ride. With practice you can choose in the moment not to believe what your mind is saying. This allows you to see the emotional roller coaster coming. You can step back from it and watch it go by without you. You are no longer a victim to the emotions that try to control your life.

Develop Personal Will Power

Having knowledge of a “personal belief” or behavior and a desire to change it is not always enough. Take the smoker who knows their behavior is destructive, wants to quit, but is unable to break the habit. You may have behaviors and emotional reactions that you have been unsuccessful in changing. In this case what is lacking is not just awareness but personal will power. Recovering and developing personal will power allows you to keep your commitments with yourself and others. This is true whether the change is about addictions, emotional reactions, exercise, eating, or relationship habits. One way to recover personal will power is by identifying and changing core beliefs.

When you dissolve a core belief you no longer commit your personal power to that conceptual idea, or spend your energy on emotional reactions. The result is that you have more personal power to break other habits. With awareness you can not only see new possibilities for your self and your relationships, you now have the personal power to make them happen. Changing false core beliefs is just one way to increase your personal power.

Change in your Relationships

By living your life with awareness you will change the way you communicate in your relationships. You will no longer express yourself through the emotional reactions that come from illusions in the mind. You will have the choice and the personal power to express yourself with love and respect. By changing the way you express yourself, people will change the way they respond to you. Relationships are where our false beliefs, emotional reactions, and lack of will power combine to cause the most emotional pain in our lives. Relationship is the area of people’s lives where they yearn for the most change. It is the area where mastering our expression of love can have a profound impact.

Self Mastery through Self Awareness

There are many ways to approach mastery over your life. All of them involve creating integrity in your mind, emotions, actions, and relationships. To accomplish this you will need to understand and have control over your core beliefs, and your expression of emotion. At first glance Self Mastery over your beliefs and your emotions might appear too challenging. However, consider the alternative is to let emotional reactions from false beliefs determine the direction of your life.

The Audio Sessions provide specific exercises in developing self awareness, changing false beliefs, shifting your expression, and recovering personal will power. The first four sessions are available free. Sign up now or explore this web site to find out more about the Self Mastery Audio Program, false beliefs, relationships, the Pursuit of Happiness, and Creating Happiness.

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