Tire Technology International | Klean and Niersberger strengthen partnership with tire pyrolysis projects

Continuing a business relationship that began more than a decade ago, Klean Industries (Klean) has announced that it will work with Niersberger to expand its waste-to-value business through the construction of new end-of-life tire pyrolysis plants and expanding existing facilities.

Niersberger specializes in planning and implementing plants that generate green energy and work to recover valuable resources. Previously, Niersberger – an engineering, procurement, and construction firm – was responsible for carrying out the design, engineering, and construction of one of Klean’s reference tire pyrolysis plants in Poland.

Through the strategic partnership, Niersberger will provide Klean with a range of services, including design and engineering support for Klean’s upcoming projects and its customer projects. The primary focus will be on facilities within Europe, in addition to several outside of the European Union where Niersberger will still provide pre-engineering and detailed design support. The company will also oversee the procurement process from Klean’s manufacturing partners in Germany.

The initial framework will see both of the company’s identifying areas where they can partner to promote and support Klean’s aim to roll out several turn-key tire pyrolysis projects using Klean’s standardized and modular plant designs in a serial production format.

Klean’s packaged units benefit from being prefabricated, significantly reducing project development costs and construction timelines. Supported by Niersberger, Klean’s expansion plans include the re-development of its fully permitted project in Boardman, Oregon, which is scheduled to break ground in 2023. The project, which will have an annual processing capacity of 60 KTPY in end-of-life tires (ELT) as feedstock, has an estimated capital cost of US$150m and when completed will be the largest continuous tire pyrolysis plant in North America.

Klean has secured all of its feedstock requirements which will be used to recover approximately 20 KTPA of recovered carbon black (rCB), and 25 KTPA of recovered fuel oil (rFO), both of which are upgraded and presold on long-term contracts.

Furthermore, both companies will work to develop an identical project in Australia. The project is currently securing a site and will enter a detailed engineering phase over the next few months to deploy Klean’s technology within the region. At present, Klean has more than 30 tire pyrolysis projects in various stages of development around the world, with the aim of creating a circular solution for the tire manufacturing and recycling sector.

Klean and Niersberger will also explore new business opportunities for the integration of Klean’s patent-pending Klean Loop blockchain technology. The pair will investigate total supply chain integration where all procurement partners can use and adapt the Klean Loop to coordinate a fully digital infrastructure that is capable of tracking and tracing all aspects of the supply chain, from raw material acquisitions to equipment manufacturing and delivery of all parts and equipment. All carbon emissions throughout the entire supply chain can also be tracked and traced.

Klean intends to have all of its projects integrated with the Klean Loop application going forward. The transparency of operations on the blockchain will dramatically increase the adoption cycle of the circular economy and of new products which feature a significantly lower carbon intensity than virgin-based resources.

“Expanding upon management’s long-term relationship with Niersberger makes sense and is mutually beneficial as both parties’ skill sets complement each other,” said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries. “Developing resource recovery and clean energy projects in partnership with leading engineering providers such as Niersberger enhances Klean’s strategic focus and provides further resilience in cost-effective strategies that enable projects to be delivered in less time and at lower costs. Together, supply chain challenges are reduced as are project risks. It’s symbiotic relationships like this that allow us to accelerate the creation of the circular, low-carbon economy.”

“Our major business is based on developing properties and plants powered by renewable resources,” explained Rainer Dippold, owner of the Niersberger Group. “As a pioneer of zero-waste solutions, for the past decade, Klean Industries has been working to create new value in the tire manufacturing, tire recycling, and carbon black manufacturing sector and I am confident that we can replicate this same model of success for other cities throughout Europe.”

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