ReOil Contracts Zeppelin to Expand Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Poland

Vancouver, British Columbia – Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”), a leading tire pyrolysis equipment provider that designs, engineers, and builds pyrolysis projects for end-of-life tires, is pleased to announce that its tire pyrolysis reference plant, ReOil is now expanding the facility in Poland and has contracted Zeppelin Systems to build it.

In phase one of the ReOil tire pyrolysis plant, the technology was provided by Carbon Resource Recovery GmbH (“CRR”) which designed and engineered the technology with the support of the engineering, procurement, and construction (“EPC”) partner Niersberger Group GmbH (“Niersbeger”) who acted as the primary contractor to build the ReOil project. In August 2019, CRR became a wholly owned subsidiary of Klean Industries, and shortly after the acquisition of CRR, the Founder and Managing Director of Niersberger, Mr. Rainer Dippold, became a shareholder and Director of Klean Industries Inc. 

ReOil began construction in 2014 and the first 20,000TPA  (metric tonnes per annum) plant was fully completed in 2016. ReOil is the longest-running and largest continuous pyrolysis plant operator in the European Union that has been focused solely on creating value from end-of-life tyres for nearly a decade. The ReOil plant uses Klean’s technology which is a continuous pyrolysis process. The technology breaks down waste tires and scrap rubber products into recovered syngas (“rSG”) which is used to energize the pyrolysis process. Additionally, it also produces a recovered fuel oil (“rFO”) which is sold back into the refinery sector alongside a recovered carbon black (“rCB”) which is reused in a multitude of new rubber products such as new tires. This plant has set the stage in Europe for the recovery of resources from end-of-life tires and has proven that the recovered resources and materials obtained can be reused in the manufacturing of new textiles, vehicle tires, rubber components, plastics, steel, or even as a product in specialty chemicals and aviation fuel.

The ReOil plant was originally built without any offtake contracts, in fact when the project was started, the name for tire pyrolysis char had yet to be defined and as a result of this project, the industry has gained much knowledge and came to understand the value of what is now known as recovered carbon black. Since its commissioning and initial trial run, the ReOil facility has recycled over 70,000 tons of old tyres and much has been learned about the product offtake market. As of today, this fully automated tire pyrolysis plant continues to operate in a process-stable and profitable manner.

Zeppelin Systems has been providing engineering services and equipment to the rubber and tire industry for many decades. In March of 2023, Zeppelin launched the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance to create a path toward a sustainable future for plant engineering in cooperation with international partners for shaping the future of new tyre production and tire recycling in a more environmentally sustainable manner with a core focus on industrial circularity. 

One of the key members of this technology alliance is ReOil and the facility in Poland, which built Europe’s largest pyrolysis plant for the recycling of old tyres. Zeppelin Systems was awarded the engineering contract for the construction of the expansion which is a second pyrolysis plant. Construction is scheduled to start in February 2024. After the completion of the expansion plans, the combined capacity of this gigantic plant will process approximately 60,000TPA of end-of-life tyres and the resulting products will be returned back into the new tire manufacturing sector to create a sustainable circular economy.

With the construction of the new pyrolysis plant, the company has tripled its annual recycling capacity. This facility will cover a combined area of 27 acres and will be built and installed with the help of Zeppelin Systems. 

Zeppelin Systems had previously supplied the basic engineering for the new plant in 2019, and the company has now been rewarded with the completion contract due to the high level of customer satisfaction.

The below quotes from “Tyre and Rubber Recycling” website:

As the main responsible engineering partner, Zeppelin Systems delivers turnkey solutions all from one source: from plant technology to process engineering and final plant planning. “A flagship project for Zeppelin Systems with a signaling effect.

Only a few companies can implement such complex and extensive projects virtually anywhere in the world,” says Dr. Markus Vöge, CEO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH, adding; “The aim is to offer process solutions in the future that can be provided as part of license models. For example, the ELT pyrolysis plant as a turnkey product from Zeppelin Systems.”

Guido Veit, Vice President Sales, Plastic and Rubber at Zeppelin Systems GmbH, adds; “ReOil’s engineering contract is the first project as part of the Zeppelin Sustainable Tire Alliance. This makes us proud and demonstrates the strength of the alliance. In addition, we will continue to work hard to bring additional processes to technological maturity and strengthen the network in terms of the circular economy.”

ReOil Managing Director Paweł Mikuśkiewicz is also delighted with the very successful partnership between Zeppelin Systems and ReOil; “We knew that this major project could only be planned and built with the help of an experienced and internationally active plant engineering partner. That is why we chose Zeppelin Systems, and we really appreciate our long-standing, trusting business relationship.”

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