Recovered Carbon Black from Tire Pyrolysis Technologies Receives New ASTM Standard

Klean Industries Inc (“Klean”) is pleased to announce that ASTM International’s Committee D36 for Recovered Carbon Black (“rCB”) has approved a new standard for rCB that is a product derived from end-of-life tire pyrolysis recycling technologies. This new standard provides a testing standard that will help differentiate products and provide quality control tools for recovered carbon black producers, tyre pyrolysis operators, and end users alike. The new ASTM standard and published as D8474 describes a technique known as thermogravimetric (“TGA”) that is used to determine the amounts of organic residue, overall fixed carbon content, and ash content in recovered carbon black.

As recently published on the ASTM website, Pieter ter Haar from Cictec and ASTM member says, “The new standard will be a useful tool specifically for quality control and can be used for off-take agreements, technical data sheets, and certificates of analysis. This will be most useful for manufacturers, as well as users and consumers. This standard will improve the adoption of rCB. Recovered carbon black can complement or substitute conventional carbon black in many applications, including the production of new, more sustainable tires. 

Alongside Mr. Pieter ter Haar and many other contributing members, both Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries, and Dr. Martin Loffler, Head of Tire Pyrolysis Engineering for Klean Industries are contributing members of the technical committees for D36 recovered carbon black which is setting the global standards for quality and safety of rCB for the global marketplace. 

Industry experts and business leaders believe the D36 standard that classifies recovered carbon black is a step in the right direction.

About Klean Industries

Klean Industries boasts an impressive portfolio of pyrolysis processing technologies and patents that have been successfully deployed in many tire recycling and tire pyrolysis facilities globally. The KleanTeam has decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of tire pyrolysis technologies and the supporting Carbon Black manufacturing technologies and oil upgrading technologies needed to make scrap tire pyrolysis a viable commercial process for the recovery of valuable resources that are locked inside waste tires. 

Klean comprises an international team of award-winning experts who are active voting members of the ASTM committees for D24 Carbon Black and D36 Recovered Carbon Black that specifically set the standards on the formulations and guidelines to characterize the material science for the Carbon Black materials used in the rubber and tire manufacturing industries. Klean has a number of pyrolysis projects in North America and Europe that are under development which are dedicated to the production of high-quality ASTM D36 Recovered Carbon Black used in new tire manufacturing and a high-quality recovered oil that contains 35-40% biomass that is used for the production in new virgin based Carbon Blacks.


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