Mr. Raffaele Cotroneo Comes Onboard to Create Circularity in the End-of-Life Tyre Sector in Australia

Melbourne, Australia — Klean Industries Inc (“Klean”), is a leading equipment provider that builds projects using advanced thermal conversion technologies (“ATCT”) such as carbonization, pyrolysis, and gasification which transforms end-of-life tires (“ELT”)end-of-life plastics (“ELP”), and municipal solid waste (“MSW”) into domestic energy, sustainable commodities, and new cleantech jobs is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Raffaele Cotroneo in becoming part of the KleanTeam as Business Development Manager for Klean Industries (Oceania). Mr. Cotroneo will help identify new project opportunities in Australia and the Oceania region while also exploring opportunities for partnerships and coordinating with local stakeholders.

Mr. Raffaele Cotroneo joins the KleanTeam with an extensive background in business development, project management, and manufacturing throughout Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. He commenced his career in the early 1980’s as a Chemical Engineer for Visy Industries in Melbourne Australia and helped establish the first 100% recycled paper plant in Australia.

Following that Mr. Cotroneo joined Exxon Petroleum as a Business Development Manager in charge of the wholesale and retail operations of the company’s western and southern districts of Victoria and then went on to explore new polymer formulations and applications in textiles where he launched a vertically integrated clothing business specializing in the manufacturing of unique fabrics that ultimately lead to a retail and wholesale business of a new line of clothing brands on a private label basis.

During the 20 years of managing this business, he increasingly developed a portfolio of investments in both public and private securities alongside other interests. In 2019 the fashion business was sold, and Mr. Cotroneo continued to manage a diverse set of capital assets and is now ready to step into a new role of business development in support of Klean’s expansion plans in Australia.

“I am extremely excited to be part of the KleanTeam in Oceania and look forward to helping Klean build Australia’s first world-class rubber tyre pyrolysis plant in Victoria. Klean technology will revolutionize the end-of-life tyre problems facing Australia and the rest of the world in a truly 100% renewable closed-loop process and I am confident that this plant will be the first of many in Australia and throughout the Oceania region”, commented Raffaele Cotroneo, Business Development Manager for Klean Industries (Oceania).

“Raff’s unique insights as a Chemical Engineer combined with his business operations experience and investor background ties together several key elements that are needed to properly evaluate opportunities and develop them. What’s notable is that Raff is an investor in Klean, so he’s behind us all the way and committed to seeing Klean be a success in Australia and beyond. With Raff being based in Melbourne and our focus on our first project in Victoria, it’s going to be an exciting time building shareholder value with one of our shareholders. We look forward to seeing this Klean project flourish in Australia with Raff onboard”, said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

About Klean Industries

Klean Industries (“Klean”) provides best-in-class technologies and solutions in the waste-to-value industry. Our international team of award-winning experts has decades of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the highest-quality equipment to convert waste streams into valuable energy and resources. Our unique products and services are a result of combined knowledge in the design of recycling, resource recovery, waste management, and power generation projects. Our global project management expertise safeguards timelines and budgets enabling projects to be delivered in less time and at lower costs.

Klean uses proprietary technologies to rapidly develop projects that produce the highest quality fuels, recovered carbon blacks, and green hydrogen from various kinds of feedstocks. Our know-how and technical skills provide a specialization in building projects that use advanced thermal technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and carbonization, which convert end-of-life tires, waste plastics, and municipal solid waste into domestic energy, sustainable commodities, and new cleantech jobs. We create a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy. By creating a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy, Klean Industries is the link between the low carbon, circular economy, and the goal of zero waste to landfill.


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